Here’s How Prince Philip Will Be Celebrating His 99th Birthday

Prince Philip will be celebrating his 99th birthday this week and plans for how he will celebrate were just revealed.

The stalwart consort is actually planning a quiet lunch at Windsor Castle with the Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 94 in April.

AP reports that some of their family, including senior royals, might call in with birthday wishes, however, the palace isn’t saying anything more.

Philip has been sheltering in place with the Queen for more than two months, as the coronavirus pandemic shut down most of the country and cancelled many royal events that were planned.

Late last year, Philip spent a few days in the hospital as a precautionary measure. His eldest son, Prince Charles, gave an update about his father’s condition.

If you missed it, you can watch Queen Elizabeth‘s message that she shared with the English nation for her birthday.

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