Here’s What Ellen DeGeneres Told Staffers in a Zoom Call After Producers Were Fired

There have been some major changes in the leadership at The Ellen DeGeneres Show after an investigation into the alleged toxic work environment at the show.

Three of the show’s lead producers have been fired and it was also announced that a familiar face on the show has been given a big promotion.

Ellen hosted a Zoom call with her staff members on Monday (August 17) to explain the staff changes and talk about the future of the show.

“Producers, Ellen and crew were on a video call this afternoon,” a source told Us Weekly. “Ellen addressed them. It really boosted morale. She opened up and was being real. [She] admitted to being multilayered and said she has good days and bad days. She said people on the call would know that she has not asked people not to look her in the eyes on set.”

Ellen reportedly told the employees that she’s “an introvert” and went from “her life kept getting bigger and bigger and she went from no one wanting to back her to her show blowing up.”

Sources say that Ellen hopes that employees on the show will address her in the office and come up to say hi.

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