Hunter Hayes Shares ‘The Masked Singer’ Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Hunter Hayes is dishing about his time on The Masked Singer!

The 28-year-old “I Want Crazy” singer was revealed to be behind the Astronaut mask on Wednesday (April 29) night’s episode of the singing show.

Hunter spoke about what goes on backstage and how the artists communicate with each other.

“Everything was so wild and strange. It’s all weird! Every step of it is bizarre, even if you want to make friends with other cast members, you can’t until you leave the show,” he told Us Weekly. “I never saw the stage or any of the spaces I worked in, until the last day. It was so strange.”

“I’m standing backstage with the super nine — this 9-foot tall tiger and all these other characters. I wanted to talk to them, but couldn’t,” Hunter added. “There’s a lot of cryptic code sign language and fist bumps. Those were our interactions!”

Hunter also shared on who he was inspired by and who he’s rooting for to win.

“I was so inspired by JoJo Siwa’s energy and she’s had such a wild career and such a great spirit and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her,” he said.

“We just got to be friends even in the masks. I think our connection was that it didn’t feel like a competition,” Hunter added about the Turtle. “It was about being there in the performance and Turtle and I were put in these competitive situations, but we weren’t out to get each other. We really both just love what we do and we got along so great!”

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