Iggy Azalea Ordered a Shirt on Etsy & Got Something Completely Different

Iggy Azalea thought that she was going to be getting an off-the-shoulder shirt when she placed an order on Etsy recently. She received something completely different instead!

The 30-year-old rapper took to Twitter to show off the massive fail.

“I ordered an off the shoulder shirt on Etsy & someone dead ass sent me a pair of stockings with the crotch ripped out. You don’t fool me!” Iggy captioned the tweet.

One fan responded, “iggy, you have [millions] of dollars. why you shopping on etsy?” She replied and said, “Cause that’s where all the cool shit is especially vintage tees.”

Another fan asked, “why dont you buy authentic vintage?” Iggy responded and said, “I do.”

You can see the original tweet and the photos of the stockings below.

A couple weeks ago, Iggy revealed the name of her newborn baby boy.

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