Interactive map shows full list of UKs royal Coronation Street roads

Neighbourhoods around Great Britain will be tuning in to watch the crowning of King Charles and Camilla this weekend – but has your street been named after the Coronation?

There are almost 500 roads and streets across the UK that have been royally named after the momentous occasion, including ITV’s Coronation Street. The world’s longest running soap has been a TV staple since the 1960s, and is said to be named after the Coronation of King Edward VII.

And King Charles has even walked the famous Weatherfield cobbles, where he most notably popped into the Rovers Return and chatted with several other cast members. But Corrie is far from being the only place in Great Britain to take its name from the Coronation – and now you can find the nearest one to you.

According to Ordnance Survey Open Roads, there are 489 roads with the name ‘Coronation’, including 158 Coronation Roads and 84 Coronation Avenues. You can find the ones located near you using our new map. Simply enter your postcode to take a look:

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