Is Gabi DeMartino The Next YouTuber To Get Cancelled? Some Followers Think So

Gabi DeMartino is in hot water with her fans and possibly the FBI. Best known for benign YouTube content that caters to teens, DeMartino angered fans when she posted a suggestive title and a video of herself as a toddler to her OnlyFans account. The incident has been a public relations disaster for DeMartino. Her handling of the situation hasn’t endeared her to followers, either. Is she the next YouTuber to get canceled? 

Gabi DeMartino is being accused of sharing child pornography on her OnlyFans account 

DeMartino might be best known for her YouTube videos with her twin, but she also utilizes every single social media platform out there. She’s even using OnlyFans, or, at the very least, she was until recently. DeMartino outraged followers when she posted a piece of premium content for $3. When followers bought the content, titled “won’t put my panties on,” they were greeted with a video of a toddler. Reportedly, the video featured a toddler-aged DeMartino lifting her dress and exposing herself to the camera. 

The video has since been taken down, and DeMartino’s account has been deactivated. It is unknown if DeMartino could face legal trouble for the incident. According to Vulture, she has been reported to the FBI. OnlyFans is a social media platform that uses a paid subscription model to connect fans with celebrities. It is largely used for adult entertainment purposes. 

DeMartino issued an apology but some fans aren’t buying it

DeMartino took to Twitter to apologize for her actions. That apology fell flat for many of her followers, though. Followers were mostly bothered by the apology because it contained an excuse, and, frankly, many followers aren’t buying it. DeMartino insists that she didn’t think fans would take her title so literally. While some believe she was simply naïve, most followers seem to agree that she knew exactly what she was doing. 

After all, DeMartino posted a piece of paid content with a suggestive title to a social media platform intended for adult audiences. While she doesn’t use the platform in such a way, the vast majority of people sign up for paid content expecting risqué photos and videos. Considering the nature of the OnlyFans and DeMartino’s social media career, it’s hard to believe she was that naive. According to some followers, her insistence that she didn’t know what she was doing seems to indicate that she will not take responsibility for her actions. For now, she’s been deactivated by the platform. There is no word on whether she’ll face legal action for the video. 

Is DeMartino the next social media star to be “canceled”? 

Social media influencers are not without controversy, and YouTube seems to be the preferred platform for social media’s most controversial influencers. It’s also a platform where followers are more than happy to “cancel” an influencer when their behavior is suspect. So, is DeMartino the next YouTuber to fall to the cancel culture? It’s possible. 

DeMartino has had several controversial moments over the last few years, but they’ve been mostly benign. Several months back, DeMartino had a bitter Instagram battle with her twin sister, Niki DeMartino. The pair exchanged words after Niki posted a photo of herself and her sister on vacation. DeMartino was also dragged by followers when she posted an “income disparity” video to TikTok in September. Followers considered the post insensitive, inappropriate, and braggy. She briefly deactivated her TikTok account after the incident. 

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