Issa Rae Almost Drank an Exploded Bath Bomb in a Martini Glass

Even though I’m not rolling in dough, I can proudly say that I have a keen eye for anything luxury and designer. It’s a gift. Truly. And our June cover star, Issa Rae, is right there with me.

First up, our girl was NOT ashamed at all to share that she’s “been broke with expensive taste for a long time.” And she came in R-E-A-D-Y to totally rock our Expensive Taste Test with her “fine palette.” Because she’s a queen and came in hot with confidence, we had to start her off with something challenging—aka our water round. IYKYK. After a sip of each, she thought she had it in the bag but sadly got it wrong. Hey now! Issa was proud to take the L!

Let me say I’m gonna have to take a wine class from Issa because the woman is low-key a sommelier out here! Her NOSE was able to detect the real champagne scent. (And her taste buds were able to figure out the cheaper one because we all know cheap champ is the best kind of champ).

Meanwhile, thank god for the fact that we gave her dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for her to taste considering she’s lactose intolerant. HEH. She was a lil iffy about how her stomach would take it, but she went all in because she was in it to win it. Umm, and that goes the same for her signing chops. We had *no* idea she had such a great voice…and neither did she, TBH. She obviously should consider a job in the music industry because she got that round right v easily. On top of that, she also was able to pick the expensive headphones over the low-priced ones. Watch out, Mariah Carey.

Although she didn’t exactly make it to our winner’s board, she did get real interesting in her taste-testing approaches. Just be ready for a science experiment with bath bombs, y’all.

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