It frightens me Jeremy Clarkson admits hes becoming a timid driver as he gets older

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Jeremy Clarkson shocked by guess

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has admitted age has begun to impact his driving style. The Grand Tour host has admitted as he gets older, he’s found himself turning into a “timid driver”.

Petrolhead Jeremy has been on screens driving cars for decades.

From his career on Top Gear to the beloved Amazon Prime reunion of him, Richard Hammond and James May, he’s often seen behind the wheel.

Viewers have also come to know him for his daring skills on these shows.

However, now the presenter has explained he’s started to become more cautious with age.

Jeremy shared all as he got behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm for his latest car review.

Although, when he was faced with rain before hitting the tracks, he admitted he didn’t feel quite so confident.

Writing in his latest column, Jeremy said it was the low grip of the car’s tires that left him concerned.

He penned: “I didn’t use to mind a low-grip car on a low-grip road.

“I used to think it was fun, slithering about, but I’m 61 now and, I’ve got to be honest, it isn’t any more. It frightens me.”

Going on to lament about his health, the broadcaster admitted “lots of things frighten him” from getting out of the shower to taking his trousers off.

Jeremy has also been left shocked he’s become “a timid driver” after reaching 61.

“I’ve even become quite a timid driver, so timid that I drove past a police mobile speed trap the other day and when I glanced at my speedometer I was doing 24mph,” he continued in The Sunday Times.

“First time that’s happened, ever. I used to think 60 was a stupidly low limit on an A-road and went everywhere at double that, but now, especially when it’s raining, I’m happy to plod along at 50.

“It’s tragic and it saddens me, but I am always aware of the trees at the side of the road and I’m consumed with an urgent need not to crash into any of them.”

Elsewhere, Jeremy has been enjoying a holiday in Croatia.

The presenter has been sharing snaps of his getaway on Instagram with his followers.

Posting last week, he shared a picture of some gorgeous mountains at sunset.

He penned alongside it: “Blue. But with the menacing advance of red.”

Yesterday he shared another one of a small island in the middle of the ocean.

Jeremy cheekily captioned the image: “Croatia. Smaller than it looks on the maps.”

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