Ivanka Trump Wore a Dress That Looks a Lot Like One From The Handmaid's Tale

Last night, Ivanka Trump joined her father in the Oval Office as he signed the Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act into law. In a tweet, Ivanka said that it was a huge deal for the federal government, allowing it to be more "innovative, responsive, and effective." But while the actual act didn't manage to make many headlines, Ivanka's outfit earned more than just a second look, because many people saw similarities between her tie-neck dress and a specific costume from Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale.

Handmaid's Tale Dress

Instagram account @dietprada offered a side-by-side comparison, noting that Ivanka's dress seemed to be an exact match for "Gilead green." And it wasn't just the color: the tie-neck detail, high collar, and long sleeves all seemed to be an homage to the adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel.

Ivanka has worn the dress before — notably to an event in Bucks County back in September. Even then, she drew comparisons to the show, with commenters noting that she was wearing the same color as Serena Joy, the anti-feminist first lady of Gilead that happens to be, ahem, complicit in all of the things going on around her.

Ivanka hasn't publicly commented on the outfit choice and neither has Natalie Bronfman, the costume designer behind The Handmaid's Tale. In an interview with Glamour, Bronfman did mention that she has photos of first lady Melania Trump on her mood boards for the show's look, including this tweet:

"That was right at Christmas and somebody sent it to us, so we put it up because we were in the midst of building all of these Handmaids' dresses," she told the magazine.

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