Jack P Shepherd shares fears girlfriend Hanni would be seen as a ‘horrible step mum’ to kids as they reveal marriage plans

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Being asked for selfies is part and parcel of being in a prime time soap for two decades, and not even a global pandemic has deterred some fans from approaching Coronation Street favourite Jack P Shepherd.

“Even when we were in deepest lockdown, people would still come up and ask for a picture. I’d be like, ‘No, two metres!’” laughs Jack, 32, who’s played David Platt since he was 12 years old.

“I had to explain we were practising social distancing,” adds his girlfriend Hanni Treweek with a smile.

The pair, who recently celebrated their three-year anniversary, laugh a lot during our interview. They met when Hanni worked in the script department of the ITV show.

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“He just made me laugh so much. Finding a guy who makes you crack up is so important,” says 31-year-old Hanni, who now works with brands on Instagram.

Jack and Hanni fell in love quickly but took things slowly for the sake of the actor’s children, Nyla, 11, and six-year-old Reuben, from a previous relationship.

“We were together for about a year before they met. You don’t want to introduce a new partner to small children too soon,” Jack tells us.

Here, in their first interview together, Jack and Hanni open up about falling in love after meeting at Corrie and their plans for the future…

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How has this year been for you both?

Jack: We were lucky as we really enjoyed lockdown. When do you ever get that time to sit at home and chill out? We didn’t have any fights – well, aside from when I built the Taj Mahal out of Lego. It was 26,000 pieces and it took 21 hours and Hanni destroyed it!

Hanni: [Laughs] I didn’t do it on purpose. It shattered when we were moving it. He can’t even look at the Lego box now as it makes him upset. Our lives were so fast paced and we didn’t spend enough time together, so it was really nice to slow down.

Jack, did you see your children often during that time?

Jack: Not at first as we didn’t want to risk it. We gave it a month or two and then we had the kids to stay. It was tough at the beginning but we FaceTimed and did Zoom quizzes, so I was seeing them. It was lovely when we got back together. Then we had to start homeschooling and we’d all do Joe Wicks classes in the morning like everyone else!

Hanni: I loved it. Nyla would exercise with me.

How was the homeschooling?

Jack: It was a nightmare. I realised how thick I am! When do you use algebra as an adult?

Hanni: I was quite strict and had a bell. I took the role of the headteacher and would ring it for break times [laughs]. The kids loved it. They’re lovely and we get on well.

You must be happy to see the children get on so well with Hanni, Jack…

Jack: I was a bit apprehensive at first because I hadn’t introduced them to a girlfriend before. I was worried Hanni would end up like a Disney villain and would be seen as a horrible stepmum. We were together for about a year before they met. You don’t want to introduce a new partner to small children too soon as anything could happen. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down but Nyla took to Hanni immediately – they both love fashion and make-up. Reuben liked her straight away too and they quickly started asking if Hanni would be there when I picked them up.

How was the transition to dating someone with young children, Hanni?

Hanni: I was never surrounded by kids so it was very new. The responsibility was huge but they bring you so much happiness and love. We took things slowly as I had my reservations – Jack’s in the public eye, he’s a father and we also worked together. But it was worth it as we just celebrated three years together. I trusted my gut and I knew I really liked him. He took good care of me at the start. He still does.

How did you meet?

Jack: We met at Corrie but we only really knew each other to say hello to at work. Then our mutual friends got married and we were both guests at the wedding. We got chatting, I made Hanni laugh, we had a couple of drinks and we flirted. That was it. Then we bumped into each other in Sainsbury’s when I had the kids with me. Hanni freaked out as she was wearing gym gear and thought she looked a state!

Hanni: I had no make-up on, bright red skin and my unwashed hair was in a bun on my head. I did the classic girl thing of getting embarrassed and left.

Jack: She threw her basket down and ran out of the store!

What happened next?

Jack: I texted her afterwards and said “that was awkward” and she told me she thought she looked a mess and then we started texting from there. I actually thought she looked fit – I just saw the girl I fancy wearing Lycra! We quickly went on our first date and we just clicked.

Hanni: He just made me laugh so much. Finding a guy who makes you crack up is so important.

You seem very happy together. Have you found your soulmate in each other?

Jack: Yes, I have. We’re completely on the same page and Hanni makes me really happy.

Hanni: Jack’s my soulmate too.

There’s been speculation in the past that you’re engaged. What’s the story?

Jack: We will get married but we’re not engaged yet. We want to do all those big milestones like marry, have kids and buy a house, we’re just not quite there yet. I didn’t want to scare Hanni off but we did have the discussion about marriage and children early on, as you need to know you want the same things.

Hanni: It was a conversation I needed to have too, as I wanted to check Jack was open to having more children. When kids are involved you need to have those serious conversations quite quickly, but we knew early on we wanted to have children together and we were serious about each other.

Would you like to get married and start a family soon?

Hanni: We’ve rented a place together for about 20 months but we want to buy our own house together first, then get married and then have kids. I want to do all of those things with Jack but I’m only 31 and I want to establish my career first of all. Once we’re settled in our own home we’ll start talking about having babies but I’m not in a massive rush. The focus is on Nyla and Reuben at the moment.

Jack, you’re quite open and honest about your love for Hanni on social media…

Jack: I don’t mind expressing my feelings for Hanni at all. I’m happy to shout about my love.

Hanni: I think it’s healthy. You do get the odd comment like “pass me the sick bucket” but I love it and I’m quite vocal with my love for Jack, too. If you find someone you love, there’s nothing wrong with saying it.

Jack, you also joke that you’re punching above your weight. Is that how you feel?

Jack: Yes! Hanni’s gorgeous. She’s definitely better looking than me.

Hanni: No I’m not. I hate that saying and I don’t like him saying that.

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There were reports that you underwent your recent second hair transplant in part due to “hurtful” comments on social media, Jack. Was that the case?

Jack: I didn’t actually do it because I was being trolled. When I watched myself back on screen, I noticed my hair was really thinning. I just thought there was the chance I could get it done and I thought it would make me look and feel better, so I went for it.

Has having the transplant affected your mental wellbeing?

Jack: Yes, I do feel better. I feel more confident. There’s nothing worse than when you’re outside in the wind or on a rollercoaster and you get off and your hair’s all the over the shop. I don’t have that trouble any more.

Hanni: It’s a lot thicker but I didn’t see the problem and told him he didn’t need it. But it made him happier so I’m all for it.

You celebrated your 20th anniversary on Corrie this year. Does it feel like it’s been two decades?

Jack: It does, but I still love it. I’m on holiday at the moment but I went into work to see a few mates and have some banter. If I do that on my day off, I must enjoy it! I still love acting on the show, I love the people and I laugh all day long. I go away happy and I want to socialise with my castmates out of work. It’s a great place to work.

What’s it been like filming with the coronavirus restrictions?

Jack: It’s been relatively easy. We’ve been back for over three months and we’re keeping to the two metres distance. Obviously we can’t do any holding hands or kissing, but we’re doing well with it.

Do you ever think about spreading your wings and leaving Coronation Street?

Jack: I’ve been looking at doing a few short films and I do a podcast called Sofa Cinema Club with Ben Price [who plays Nick Tilsley] and Colson Smith [who plays Craig Tinker]. We’re about to start our third series. What’s on that podcast is exactly the banter we have in the green room.

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