James McAvoy: I gave £275,000 as medics saved my life

The X-Men actor, 41, explained the reasons for his big Masks For NHS Heroes donation when he appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain yesterday. He said: “You can have a little botched surgery – which is what happened to me – and the NHS is there to save your life. You quickly realise in a situation like this just how close we are to all of that falling apart, how delicate and how precious it is, and how much we need to look after it going forward.” 

The Masks For NHS Heroes campaign was set up by a group of four doctors and has raised almost £2million so far. 

McAvoy, who declined to go into detail about his operation, added: “There’s clearly a problem somewhere along the line – whether it’s a shortage of supplies or a problem in distribution. 

“Either way, there is a failure there somewhere and Masks For NHS Heroes is trying to augment what is coming in from the Government.” 

Meanwhile, the BBC costume department of his latest production, His Dark Materials, have also been using their skills to sew much-needed scrubs for doctors.

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