Jana Kramer Agrees to Pay Mike Caussin Over $500K in Divorce Settlement

The ‘Why Ya Wanna’ singer is expected to pay her estranged husband more than half a million dollar as a part of their divorce agreement following separation.

AceShowbizJana Kramer is to pay estranged husband Mike Caussin $592,400 (£417,444) as part of their divorce settlement.

The marriage dissolution agreement, obtained by People magazine, states that the money will act as a settlement of any claims Caussin may have in their marital estate.

And while Kramer will keep their house, her ex will keep all the furniture in the master bedroom and bar in addition to his truck, desk, and dumbbells.

The agreement also states that neither Kramer nor Caussin will pay alimony as part of their divorce, with each of them being responsible for their own attorney fees, and Kramer taking charge of additional court costs.

Kramer announced her split from Caussin last month (Apr21), revealing that she’d made the emotional decision to end the six-year marriage after failing to make it work following her sportsman spouse’s infidelity and sex addiction.

Jana Kramer recently addressed infidelity allegations against her estranged husband.

When asked if she found out about Mike’s infidelity through direct messages and text messages, she replied, “That and some more… Let’s just say it was bad enough I had no choice.”

She, however, wished nothing but the best for him, “I think he is at peace. He knew if this one thing happened, I was gone. He made his bed. I wish he would have thought of the family and all the work we did. I hope he gets the help he wants and needs.”

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