Jason Oppenheim’s Bentley occupied by naked man

Real estate agent and star of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” Jason Oppenheim told Page Six a naked man barricaded himself in his Bentley this week.

Oppenheim said he usually leaves his Bentley unlocked at his office, and was alerted by security that someone had broken into the swanky ride.

“They said there’s a naked guy in my car and is he a friend of mine?” he recounted. “Sure enough — there is a guy in my back seat, naked. He had locked himself in, and was holding my keys and showing them to us. The alarm was going off.”

Oppenheim said police arrived, got the guy out and made him put on some clothes. “I wiped my car down for like two hours,” he said. As for keeping his car unlocked, he told us: “I’m no longer doing that.”

Meanwhile, a mansion repped by Oppenheim reportedly just hit the LA market for $30 million. It was once owned by NBA star Carlos Boozer, who rented it to Prince. But the athlete and the singer got into a dispute when Prince redecorated, including putting his own symbol on the front gate.

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