Jedidiah Duggar: Is He ABOUT to Get Married?!?

Can you hear those, celebrity gossip followers?

Stop for a second and listen closely.

Yup. Those are wedding bells — and they’ll be ringing for Jedidiah Duggar far sooner than anyone previously imagined.

Over the past few days, more and more information has come out about Duggar and some woman named Katey Nakatsu.

By all surprising accounts, not only is Jed courting this person, but the two have actually been engaged for awhile now.

The development was first reported by Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube vlog and it came as quite a shock to anyone who follows this family closely.

Since when, these folks have been wondering, do the Duggars keep courtships and/or engagements a secret?

It gets even more unexpected, though.

This same YouTube channel has now uploaded a copy of a wedding invitation announcing the upcoming nuptials of, yes, Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu.

It claims to have gotten it “a source connected to the Duggars.”

And the date on the wedding invitation?

April 3, 2021!

That’s in just over two weeks!

The aforementioned invitation includes wedding registry on Zola for the couple, although it’s password protected.

According to the document, the livestream of the wedding on April 3 can also be accessed through a link.

Reads the sort of strange invite:

Together with their families, Katelyn Koryn Nakatsu and Jedidiah Robert Duggar invite you to join their wedding via livestream.

But does that sound like any of the many past Duggar wedding invitations over the years?

As one Reddit user pointed out, “almost always Duggar invites say “Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bob Duggar invite you to the wedding of their son/daughter…”

There are other reasons to have questions/concerns here:

Jim Bob and Michelle typically force their kids to record videos and talk at length about their relationship status in order to remain relevant and in order to rake in some revenue off subsequent clicks.

Could they be trying to keep Jed’s love life quieter than that of their other kids because he’s a public figure who actually ran for office last year?

And lost badly?

One would think the inclination would be for the Duggars to be more transparent when it comes to a political figure, right?

Then again, we stopped trying to understand the ins and outs of the Duggar family a long time ago.

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