Jeezy Says He Doesn’t Play With Jeannie Mai After Accused of Sliding Into His Ex’s Dms

Quoting Diddy who recently shared his regret over the end of his relationship with the late Kim Porter, the former Boyz n da Hood member says of his own fiancee, ‘When you get the one, you can’t play with it.’

AceShowbiz -Jeezy (previously known as Young Jeezy) assures everyone that he’s not going to mess around with Jeannie Mai. In a recent Interview via video chat, the rapper discussed his engagement to the talk show host, which has put an end to his womanizing days.

Saying that Jeannie is “the one” for him, he admitted to have learned a lesson from Sean “P. Diddy” Combs who recently advised men not play with “the one.” He said in his own words, “When you get the one, you can’t play with it. You just know.” He added, “You can’t play with it.”

The 42-year-old claimed the moral lesson has been locked in with him mentally and he wants to grow to be a better person. When the host called Jeannie “a special girl,” he gushingly agreed, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Diddy previously shared the advice when talking about his late ex-partner Kim Porter. “To all the playboys,” he said during a recent joint Instagram Live session with Fat Joe. “When you find that one, don’t be playin’ around with it. ‘Cause they’re rare. Y’know what I’m sayin’? It’s rare.”

He continued, “Somebody that’s gonna understand you, be there for you unconditionally.” Admitting to regretting his life choices, the music mogul added, “I feel like she was the one for me, and you know, I played around. [God] changed me as a man and be able to appreciate love.”

Meanwhile, Jeezy’s comments on his relationship with Jeannie come after he’s allegedly exposed of sliding into his ex Jasmine Sanders‘ DMs. The model tweeted earlier this week, “You gone regret hitting me up. Trust. It’s quarantine- I got time to hit you with the facts. Like- ‘how’s your girlfriend? does your fiance know you sliding in dms- CHILL’ You got the Wrong one.”

She continued blasting her ex-boyfriend, adding in another tweet, “If we ‘talked’ and you have ‘moved on’ … MOVE ON… stop checking on me. Cuz I’m just sitting here laughing.”

While she didn’t name the ex-fiance in her tweets, people have been speculating that she was referring to Jeezy. “She used to date Jeezy so it obviously him,” one person claimed. “Fiance ?! Jeezy the only one I can think of but he acting like he in love love,” another tried to depicher the clue given by the 28-year-old beauty. “Only one engaged is Jeezy,” a third person pointed out, as others claimed that Jasmine has other exes.

Jasmine’s famous exes included Chris Brown, actor Terrence J as well as Nick Cannon, but none of them is currently engaged except for Jeezy.

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