Jenelle Evans: My Marriage Is AWESOME Now That I’m Done With MTV!

Shortly after Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2 last year, she finally packed up her kids and fled her abusive marriage to David Eason.

Unfortunately, it later turned out that either the move was a ploy to get Evans re-hired by MTV, or she simply decided that her loneliness was more important than her children’s safety.

Whatever the case, Jenelle and David are back together.

And this week, she’s been engaging in some serious overcompensation by trying to convince fans that her marriage to David is perfect.

“I don’t care what they say, I love you no matter what. Here’s to new beginnings #MarriedLife #HappyWifeHappyLife,” Evans wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo set that shows her swooning for her abusive husband.

Shortly thereafter, Evans doubled down of her claims of marital bliss in a Q&A session with fans.

“How are things now with David and you?” one follower asked.

Evans responded, “We are doing better than ever,” which is sort of like a mantra for her these days.

“I think being off the show and getting some privacy helped sort out a lot of things in my life, including my relationship with my mom,” she added.

Yes, Jenelle is essentially blaming MTV for everything at this point.

The time David murdered her dog during one of his frequent violent rages?

The many, many occasions on which he terrorized her young children?

Well, he was simply cracking under the pressures of fame, you see.

Never mind the fact that the Easons are still desperately seeking media clout so that they can avoid getting real jobs.

“I think you and David have grown SO much! That’s marriage. Stay safe!” another fan wrote.

Not exactly a question, but Jenelle answered it anyway.

“I feel like we have learned so much and realize our family is everything and always will be,” Evans wrote in response.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before one of Jenelle’s followers asked about David’s racist tirade against Michelle Obama.

As usual, Jenelle argued that despite the appearance of violence, abuse, intimidation, and bigotry, David is a kind, misunderstood soul, who’s simply concerned with the future of this great nation.

“Lol, no David is far from being racist,” she replied.

“He didn’t think it was fair she tried to apply to be president when she hadn’t been in the US for 14 years.”

Yes, not only does David believe Michelle Obama is not a US citizen, he also thinks president is the kind of job you apply for, like the lunch shift at Chipotle.

“Do you think that David’s views are a bit disrespectful?” another fan asked, and shockingly, at this point, Evans conceded that her man-baby husband is actually less than perfect.

“Yes I do, but he sees the consequences from what he posts,” Evans wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Oh, that’s good.

At freakin’ 31 years old, David finally realizes there are consequences to his words and actions. Baby steps!

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