Jenelle Evans: My Mom STOLE Jace from Me and I Deserve to Have Him Back!

You know what’s super weird?

The fact that in 2021, we’re still here talking about Jenelle Evans claiming that she’s going to get Jace back.

If you’re a Teen Mom fan, you certainly won’t need any help understanding what “getting Jace back” means for Jenelle, but just in cast, let’s do a quick refresher, OK?

Jenelle was on the second season of 16 and Pregnant, and her episode was memorable because she was an absolute mess — that’s why she landed a spot on Teen Mom 2.

Soon after she gave birth to her son, Jace, she was leaving him at home so she could go out and party, expecting her mother, good ol’ Barbara, to take care of him instead.

When Jace was about six months old, Jenelle allowed Barbara to take custody of him — something she’s explained in several different ways over the years (more on that in just a moment).

It wasn’t supposed to be permanent, and we’ve heard Jenelle say time and time again that she’s going to get him back, but he’s 12 years old now and it really does seem like that ship has sailed.

But still, every once in a while, she’ll go on some big rant about how she’s going to get custody back one day.

And for the past few days, she’s been going off about the custody situation, her relationship with Barbara, and more.

It all started because Olivia Leedham, David Eason’s ex and the mother of his son, apparently got breast implants, which Jenelle thought was noteworthy considering the GoFundMe Olivia started in 2019 to raise money for the constant custody hearings to keep David away from her child.

“Instead of using that money for custody court you got yourself a boob job,” Jenelle tweeted. “Wow, you played everyone on the internet.”

It’s shocking that she would even bring that up when the counterpoints are so obvious — every single time she tries to get on a high horse like this, it simply does not work.

When people started mocking her for the tweet, she said that she was standing up for her family and “for what’s right,” but when someone brought up that she spent money on heroin back in the day instead of going to court for Jace’s custody, she seemed to get upset.

“I swear if you do drugs for 3 months of your whole life people will try and use it against you forever,” she complained. “There’s a pending case going on. You’re an idiot. But I’m not talking about my custody case.”

“I gave my mom temp custody when I was 17 … it had nothing to do with drugs and everything with being a fearful little girl and felt like I would lose if I fought against my mom,” she continued.

A few people pointed out that it’s strange she’s calling herself a “fearful little girl” when she was physically abusive towards Barb, and she replied “No I def wasn’t, you have no idea the stories I can tell of my childhood that would have you floored.”

(To be clear, we never saw Jenelle actually hit Barbara, but we did see explosive fights between the two of them in which Jenelle expressed a desire to hit her mother.)

Whenever she talks about how awful her mother was, someone always asks why she let her have custody of Jace if she’s that bad, and that’s exactly what happened here.

When the question came up, Jenelle answered by explaining that CPS told her to “sign him over to your mom or he’s going to foster care,” and she asked “Was I convinced and threatened to sign or did I really want to?”

She also claimed that Barbara told her “Go have fun with your friends Jenelle! I feel bad you haven’t. Go sleep over too! I’ll watch Jace.”

“Arrived home the next day to CPS in the driveway and someone saying to them ‘Idk where Jenelle is! She left and never came back home!!!'” she continued.

“Bet none of you knew that, was it ever aired on tv? No. I’m sick of the truth being hidden from the public. I deserve to have my son back. Don’t trust anyone with custody unless you truly can.”

On a bit of a lighter note, she said that her longtime friend Tori was also there that day, and that she was “cussing out CPS on the phone,” which sounds like a nice memory.

The obvious issue with this story is the CPS involvement — how could things get so bad that she was given that ultimatum? Surely it wasn’t just because Barbara called and said she hadn’t come home one night.

To that question, Jenelle said “As a 17 year old with a court appointed lawyer she did not care about my case at all and didn’t fight for me. I should have fought harder but yes I was terrified.”

Not an answer to that particular question, but OK.

But Barbara isn’t the only one to blame for Jenelle losing custody of Jace …

“And all the times I was ‘out partying’ on mtv… WHO TOLD ME TO GO PARTY?!” she wrote. “Who wanted that footage?! THEM.”

“Y’all probably thought I dropped out too right? Nope, went to school everyday and even completed college. I’m not the villain.”

So MTV and Barbara both forced her to party enough that CPS got involved? That’s the story we’re going with?

“My mom isn’t the most honest person, never was,” she insisted. “Explains why my dad really wasn’t a bad person she claims he was. Ripped from a dad too.”

Except in the book she released a few years ago, she claimed that her father was physically abusive towards her mother, and that he abandoned her when she was very young.

Towards the end of her rant, Jenelle said that she couldn’t say much more because of the custody case over Jace, but that when it’s over, she’ll have more to share about her childhood and how Barbara mistreated her.

“I’m only sharing all of this because the little girl in me is still very hurt and angry,” she concluded. “Haunting memories really suck and to think it’s still happening, but I won’t give up.”

There’s truly just so much to unpack with all of this, but the fact is that we saw how badly she behaved back then, and a lot of it can’t be explained by a bad edit.

We’re sure Barbara has plenty of issues and of course she wasn’t a perfect mother, but Jenelle isn’t exactly an innocent victim in all of this, either.

And it’s been almost 12 years since all of this happened — if she was truly set up by Barb and MTV, wouldn’t someone at some point have realized that and given her custody?

We haven’t even mentioned how sad it is that she’s calling herself a “fearful little girl” and referring to the “little girl in me” being hurt and angry when she’s exposing her actual children to abuse.

We’d say that we hope she realizes what’s wrong with this way of thinking, but there’s really no hope at this point, is there?

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