Jenelle Evans Shades Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Chelsea Houska’s Style: ‘She Only Likes Plaid’

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans are coming after Jenelle Evans, after the former star dissed ex-cast mate Chelsea Houska’s fashion sense. Viewers are furious at Jenelle dragging her former co-star’s style.

Fashion shots fired! Jenelle Evans shaded her former Teen Mom 2 co-star Chelsea Houska‘s occasional love of wearing plaid shirts, and MTV viewers are NOT having it. Things got heated when the 28-year-old former show star posted two photos to her Twitter account on Oct. 21, showing herself in a mustard turtleneck and super tight, curve hugging mom jeans. She wrote, “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be,” in the caption, with a peach emoji to highlight her derriere. That’s when a fan asked in the comments, “Did you steal that outfit when you broke into Chelsea’s house?” referring to the Apr. 2020 Teen Mom 2 episode where Chelsea and her family came home from a vacation in Colorado to find their South Dakota home had been burglarized.

Jenelle then fired back about the Chelsea house break-in comment by taking a swipe at the soon to be mom of four‘s closet, writing, “Yeah, she only likes plaid lol.” Fans thought Jenelle was completely out of line, with one telling her “Don’t disrespect Chelsea like that.” Another user, @JenniMiller2018 jumped to Mrs. Cole DeBoer‘s defense, telling Jenelle, “You could never compare to Chelsea!! She is the best mama to her babies!! I have never commented anything bad against you. But don’t come at @ChelseaHouska she is an amazing wife and mama. You could never compare! TBH!”

User @Kathryn_I_am defended Chelsea’s fashion sense, telling Jenelle, “Plaid is great! It’s her style, she can rock whatever she wants, as can you!” @chelle127belle asked, “@PBandJenelley_1 Was that really necessary?” about Jenelle’s low blow, while  @casonthemoon responded, “It definitely was not necessary but she’s bored with her life and would rather be on twitter than take care of her kids so she needs to find something to say.”

One fan dissed Jenelle’s controversial husband David Eason, saying it was “better” to like plaid than “a man like” David. He infamously was fired by MTV in 2018 after posting anti-gay and transphobic Twitter comments, and was later investigated for animal cruelty after shooting and killing Jenelle’s pet French bulldog Nugget.

Other fans took it to Jenelle about how she’s unable to rival Chelsea’s fit figure. @KimFab22 commented, She wouldn’t be able to get one of her legs into Chelsea’s jeans. She wishes,” as @ahsilverstone told Jenelle, “Not a chance you could even fit yourself into Chelsea’s maternity clothes, let alone her regular clothes!” Chelsea is currently expecting her fourth child — a daughter — with Cole after announcing her pregnancy on Aug. 5, 2020.

For what it’s worth, after a look at Chelsea’s Instagram page there’s nary a sign of plaid in any photos of her wardrobe. She’s worn animal prints, tie dye, camouflage, and plenty of solid color shirts and sweaters. The last time she wore something close to a plaid shirt was in an Apr. 14, 2019 video with Cole, and it was more of a red and black checkered look. Cole however is a big fan of plaid shirts, and looks so darn handsome in them!

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