Jennifer Aniston sparks backlash by posting snap of ‘our first pandemic’ Christmas bauble

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Jennifer Aniston has divided fans with a photo of a Christmas bauble emblazoned with the words: “Our first pandemic”. The Friends actress, who signed up to Instagram last year, caused a stir when she posted the coronavirus-themed decoration in view of her 36 million followers on her Story on Friday.

The snap showed a round wooden decoration being held in front of a Christmas tree, which had the words “our first pandemic 2020” carved into it.

Jennifer didn’t reveal whether the ornament belonged to her or not in her post.

Following her post, fans took to Twitter to speak out, with some branding the move “ignorant”.

One person wrote: “Jennifer Aniston is a damn fool for posting that ornament on her story… celebrities are ditzy af.(sic)

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“’Cheers to our first pandemic of 2020, where millions of people died! let’s celebrate that on a Christmas ornament!'”

Another person tweeted: “All celebrities have done during this pandemic is show how out of touch and just f**king oblivious they are to anything that doesn’t have to do with them. Some people’s entire family have died, but at least Aniston is showing how quirky she can be.”

A third social media user added: “Jennifer Aniston is an ignorant tone-deaf woman. Why is she celebrating Covid ‘Our First Pandemic 2020’, Really PEOPLE LOST LIVES & LIVELIHOOD, yet here she is CELEBRATING as it’s something to boast about.”(sic)

A fourth fan commented: “Just because u like a celebrity, doesn’t mean u should not hold them accountable. I’m sorry but that’s so insensitive to put an ornament saying ‘pandemic 2020’.


“Innocent lives were lost because of this pandemic. We’re not going to celebrate this s**t. Do better Jennifer Aniston.”(sic)

However, other Twitter users defended Jennifer and argued she has previously urged people to wear face masks and follow public health guidelines, while sharing a sympathetic response to victims of the virus.

One person posted: “I didn’t see it this way. Maybe it’s just a souvenir for the future? Idk if she meant to celebrate”(sic)

Another added: “Jennifer Aniston isn’t even the first person I’ve seen with an ornament like that this year… one of my friend’s made one that said ‘baby’s first pandemic’.”

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A third fan commented: “It’s funny how Jennifer Aniston has been spreading awareness since the pandemic f**king started and people still do not get her sarcasm with an ORNAMENT. like.. y’all just want to cancel her for anything, let her breathe.”(sic)

A fourth person agreed: “People are really wanting to cancel Jennifer Aniston bc of her pandemic ornament…? It’s a joke and not even insensitive… People are so bored.” has contacted a representative for Jennifer for comment.

Jennifer previously uploaded a photo of a friend in hospital alongside a second snap which included her and her friend and former Friends co-star Courtney Cox urging people to wear masks.

In the first photo, her friend Kevin is seen lying in a hospital bed with wires hooked up to him while his eyes are closed.

Underneath the photos, Jennifer wrote: “This our friend Kevin. Perfectly healthy, not one underlying health issue. This is COVID-19. This is real.

“We can’t be so naive to think we can outrun this… if we want this to end, and we do, right? The one step we can take is PLEASE #wearadamnmask.”

“Just think about those who’ve already suffered through this horrible virus,” she added. 

“Do it for your family. And most of all yourself. COVID-19 affects all ages.”

Jennifer went on to reassure her worried fans that her friend had now fortunately recovered from the virus.

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