Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod Recruit NFL, NBA Stars To Make Bid to Buy NY Mets

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez didn’t just walk away after their first attempt to buy the NY Mets fell flat — they came back with a squad of rich NFL and NBA players … and now they’re back in the game!

The power couple recruited a dream team of current and former NFL ballers to join their investment group to make a 2nd run at the MLB franchise … with names like Travis Kelce, Brian Urlacher, Joe Thomas, and DeMarco Murray.

There are two NBA stars in the group as well — Washington Wizards beast Bradley Beal and Denver Nuggets center Mason Plumlee.

Remember, J Lo and A-Rod had previously tried to buy the Mets for around $1.5 billion — but it didn’t exactly work out since the Wilpon family (which owns the team) was hoping to get around $2.5 billion.

Now, J-Rod’s group is back with a larger bid — $1.7 billion, according to ESPN … and they’re reportedly in the mix.

Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen is the front-runner to buy the team — he’s loaded and has already made a $2 billion bid, according to the NY Post.

But, there’s still time for J-Rod’s group to come back with a larger bid — and ESPN says the Wilpons would prefer to sell to Lopez and Rodriguez if they can come closer to the top bid.

NFL Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher is stoked about the possibility of becoming an owner — telling ESPN, “It’s pretty cool.”

“It’s especially cool to be involved with Alex. Alex is the man. You’ve got Kelce, Joe Thomas, DeMarco Murray. It’s great to be in a group with them.”

Kelce — K.C. Chiefs superstar tight end — also weighed in … saying it’s a “crazy opportunity.”

“I had a chance to meet Alex Rodriguez a couple years ago and just told him how much of a fan I was as a kid of him. I’m very thankful for the success that I’ve had in the NFL, to have an opportunity like this come across the table. I couldn’t think of a more unique set of people to be in charge of this.”

As we previously reported Alex and Jennifer see tremendous potential for the Mets — with sources telling us he feels the organization has been “so mismanaged” over the years, there is nothing but upside if he can right the ship.

The big question … can the dream team of investors ultimately compete with a single motivated billionaire?

Stay tuned …

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