Jeremy Clarkson’s brutal nickname for BBC Health and Safety department revealed

Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to controversy having made a number of attention-attracting comments over the years, which often led him onto the frontpages of newspapers across the UK. Famously he was sacked from BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ in 2015, following an altercation with a producer from the show. Despite this, the presenter remains a popular hit with the nation and currently fronts Amazon’s ‘The Grand Tour’. Alongside his long standing colleagues James May and Richard Hammond, the gang’s amusing antics continue. But during Jeremy’s time on the BBC hit show, the motoring journalist’ was critiqued by the public and authorities. One of them led him to fire back with a savage blow aimed at those looking to keep the TV presenters safe.

Jeremy Clarkson, now 60, travelled the world with ‘Top Gear’ as the gang embarked on unique motoring challenges set to test them and their vehicles to the limit. 

Their escapades attracted a lot of attention after allegations they offended some members of the public internationally, with stuns some claimed were irresponsible.

One of those included Jeremy sporting the license plate ‘H982 FKL’ on his car while driving through Argentina – in reference to the nation’s loss during the Falklands conflict.

While the presenter initially denied there was any deliberate intention behind the act, several more of his decisions had been questioned over the years too. 

One came when Jeremy was blasted by a Welsh police chief constable for his jokes about speeding and ignoring the laws of the UK.

Their bitter clash concluded with him announcing that the officer had won a spoof “enemy of the state” award on a ‘Top Gear’ episode.

Over the years, Jeremy attracted negative comments from accident prevention charities too who decried the team’s stunts as reckless and irresponsible. 

But in a savage return, the star launched into the offensive against those who were tasked with keeping the presenters safe.

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He said: “On Top Gear, we refer to the Health and Safety people as the PPD. The programme prevention department.”

Despite the BBC receiving a number of complaints about Jeremy and the show, they often took the line that the programme meant no offense as it was for “pure entertainment”, according to a 2005 Independent article.

The pair continued a bitter back-and-forth for several years but have since made-up after a session at a pub. 

Further clashes carried on between Jeremy and the Health and Safety department after comments were made by director general Timothy Walker, according to the Independent report. 

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He stated: “I am sorry Jeremy Clarkson believed that health and safety was the ‘cancer of a civilised society’.

“I do not think the families of over 200 people killed at work each year would share his view.” 

Another who took offense was Roger Geffem, representative of a national cyclists organisation, who vented his frustration with Jeremy’s comments about those on bikes and their safety.

He said: “We were unhappy that he effectively advocated running down cyclists”.

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