Jeremy Piven Backs Out of Cameo’s Zoom Calls After Mocked for Charging $15,000

The former ‘Entourage’ star has dropped out of the new initiative launched by Cameo after he was called out for the pricey fee to book a call with the actor.

AceShowbizJeremy Piven‘s fans are now losing their chance to have a private call with their favorite celebrity, if there’s anyone interested. The actor appears to have dropped out of Cameo’s Zoom calls after he was criticized for his pricey fee.

For your information, Cameo is a service that allows people to book a celebrity to record a video message for them or someone else for a predetermined fee. As part of its new initiative, the company has launched a project that allows people took book a call with a celebrity of their choice.

Jeremy shocked everyone earlier this week after it was revealed that he charged $15,000 for a 10-minute Zoom call. He didn’t immediately respond to the backlash, but now he has removed the Zoom call option from his Cameo page. People can still purchase a video message from him for $400 though.

For comparison, former NSYNC member Lance Bass asks $1,250 for an appearance fee per Zoom call, while a person can talk to former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” cast member Vicki Gunvalson for just $300.

Even former NFL player Brett Favre, who charges $5,000, is only a third of the former “Entourage” star’s price. With the asked $15,000 fee, Jeremy was ranked on Cameo as the most expensive celebrity to have a Zoom chat with.

People then blasted the actor over his pricey request, with one Twitter user declaring, “I literally wouldn’t talk to Jeremy Piven for free.” Another mocked him, “Who the hell would pay $15,000 to talk to Jeremy Piven? Find me that person!”

A third person added, “Imagine spending $15,000 to talk to Jeremy Piven for 10 minutes. Look, if I wanted to talk to a short douchebag for 10 minutes I can do that for free just by going to Walmart and bumping into the wrong guy.”

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