Jessa Duggar: Spotted! In a Low-Cut Shirt and Sweats!

Welp, now we’ve seen everything.

And we mean it, you guys: EVERYthing.

Late this week, footage of Jessa Duggar isolating at home with her family went viral.

As you can see down below, it looks like it was taken by a delivery person who was kind enough to bring some tacos to Jessa’s door…

… and yet not kind enough to keep her private life private.

“We have snacks …” reads the caption on this Instagram Story post, which was shared by someone named Sierra Dominguez and which features Jessa receiving some takeout with her son, Spurgeon.

The kid is very cute — and husband Ben Seewald is in the background, eliminating chatter that he wasn’t quaranting with his wife — but the focus of most Duggar Nation fans was not on any member of Jessa’s family.

Instead, it was squarely on the attire covering Duggar’s body.

Are those… sweat pants?!?

And could that T-shirt be cut any lower?!?

“That’s a fairly low neckline for Jessa,” one Reddit user wrote in response to the photo, with another noting Jessa’s shirt is “a really low cut top by her families standards.”

There wasn’t any judgment attached to these remarks, we don’t think.

Observers are simply taken aback because they know how strict the rules are that Jessa typically must live under.

What must Jim Bob have thought when he saw these screen captures, you know?

Perhaps even the most conservative of Duggar rules goes out the window when a pandemic breaks out across the globe, though.

Perhaps even jim Bob and Michelle’s kids can get away with showing the slightest hint of cleavage when the world is falling apart and thousands of people are dying every single day in the United States.

Then again… perhaps Jessa will soon be making another video that gushes and gushes and gushes over her dad in an attempt to make peace with Jim Bob after he finds these images online.

The guy is pretty much a monster.

As for whether or not Jessa Duggar is pregnant again?

We’ve been staring at her stomach above for many hours and can’t figure out if there’s a baby bump there.

We need a break.

But what do you guys think???

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P.S. Did the delivery person really need to snap footage of Jessa at the door and then post it online?

That’s incredibly lame, dude, and downright wrong, too.

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