JK Rowling accuses MP of 'dismissing women's trauma as white noise'

JK Rowling has accused shadow minister Lloyd Russell-Moyle of ‘demanding women give up their sex-based rights’ in a new statement amid her transphobia row. 

The 54-year-old author has released a new lengthy statement regarding an apology made by Russell-Moyle, who claimed that she was ‘using her sexual assault history to discriminate against transgender people’. 

His comments came in an interview following a previous 3000-word essay made by Rowling, where she spoke out about her own domestic violence survival while defending previous tweets in which she outraged the trans community. 

In the new set of messages, Rowling accepted the apology from Russell-Moyle but added she was ‘defending vulnerable women’ and doubled down on her feelings that her sex-based rights, as a cisgendered woman, were being diminished.

‘My primary worry is the risks to vulnerable women,’ she said as part of the statement. ‘As everyone knows, I’m no longer reliant on communal facilities, nor am I likely to be imprisoned or need a women’s refuge any time soon. I’m not arguing for the privileged, but the powerless.’

‘When so-called leftists like @lloyd_rm demand that we give up our hard won sex-based rights, they align themselves squarely with men’s rights activists,’ she then added.  

‘To both groups, female trauma is white noise, an irrelevance, or else exaggerated or invented.’ 

The argument started when Rowling posted a sarcastic tweet in response to a referral of ‘people who menstruate’, mocking that they should be called ‘women’.

When it was then pointed out that some women don’t menstruate, and some men do, in the case of trans people specifically, Rowling then hit back and said that sex needed to be defined.

‘If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased,’ she penned.

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