Joe Wicks 'so proud to do something which helps so many people' as he gets MBE

Joe Wicks has described receiving an MBE from the Queen as a ‘dream come true’ as he accepted the accolade. 

The fitness guru, 35, who got the nation moving with his PE With Joe series on YouTube across lockdown, raised £580,000 for the NHS during that time, and claimed a Guinness World Record after one of his online classes was watched by nearly a million people.

Joe now has an MBE to go along with the record, and he could barely believe he was given the honour. 

The Body Coach told PA: ‘I can’t quite believe it … To receive this is just incredible. I’m so proud that I’ve done something which helps so many people.’

Joe revealed that people wouldn’t have pegged him to go onto such huge success from humble beginnings, adding: ‘To get this … It’s something I couldn’t even imagine, I couldn’t even believe.

‘I haven’t even told my mum and dad yet, so it’s a surprise for them and I hope they are going to be proud of me.

‘My childhood and how I grew up, if you met me as a little boy you’d have thought, he’s not going to go anywhere, he’s not going to do anything great.

‘But I’ve turned it around and I really am proud I’ve become this person who’s helping people.’

Joe turned to exercise and fitness because of his father’s addiction to heroin, and has spoken out about his mental health in the past. 

He credited all of the children and adults who had taken part in his workouts for helping him to achieve his MBE.

Joe added: ‘The MBE is the icing on the cake. The impact I made on families and children’s mental health is what I’ll remember forever and I’m sure I’ll be talking about it in years to come.’

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