Johnny Depp brands Amber Heard ‘fat a**’ and ‘c***’ in recordings heard in court

Johnny Depp's lawyer makes opening statement in libel case

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Johnny Depp called ex-wife Amber Heard a “fat a**” and a “f***ing c***” in recordings played in court today, as his defamation trial against her for an op ed she wrote in 2018 continues. Other text messages from Johnny about Amber included him calling her a “lesbian camp counsellor” a term he says Amber originated. 

In the recordings, Johnny referred to his arguments with Amber as a “bloodbath”, while Amber could be heard sounding emotional, telling him “listen to me cry”. 

He is suing Amber for $50million after writing in the Washington Post that she was a victim of domestic violence.

She did not name him, but he says the public nature of their relationship caused his film career to essentially end. 

Amber, who denies any accusations of abuse, has yet to testify in the ongoing defamation trial and is counter suing Johnny for $100million.

Johnny went on to claim that Amber brought his friend Paul Bettany’s teenage son to tears during a row on holiday. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor said Amber “despised” Paul because she saw him as a threat for taking Johnny’s attention from her. 

Johnny claimed Amber was “mean and loud” during a heated debate with Paul, and when his 18-year-old son tried to join in with the conversation, because the topic related to his university studies, Amber reduced him to tears. 

Meanwhile, a letter from Johnny to Amber’s mother was read out in court, in which he praises the Aquaman actress for supporting “an old junkie” such as him.

“There is no luckier man on this earth to have the strength that Amber gives me and the full support of each of you, individually, that I’ve gotten, helps immeasurably!!!” Johnny wrote. 

“I don’t need to explain the horrors to you… You know as well as I. What you do need to know that your daughter has risen far above the nightmarish task of taking care of this poor old junkie. 

“Never a second has gone by that she didn’t look out for me to have her eyes on me to make sure that I was ok.

“Words are truly feeble in attempting to explain her heroism in a text – suffice to say that I have never me tor love a woman or a thing more. 


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“She has the strength of a thousand men. And that is due to no one or nothing but you sweetheart. Thank you.”

Another text exchange between Johnny and his agent was less favourable, with Johnny typing about Amber: “She will hit the wall hard!!! 

“I can only hope karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her…” in messages shown in court. 

Last week, Johnny was seen wiping away tears as the court heard a recording in which Amber begged him not to harm himself with a knife.

In the audio, Amber was begging the Fantastic Beasts actor to “put the f***ing knife down”.

Johnny could be heard asking Amber whether she wanted to cut him, giving her the option of his “arm or chest.”

Amber replied: “Don’t cut your skin, please do not cut your skin. Why would I do that?” she asked him.

The trial continues as Johnny is cross examined further today.

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