Johnny Depp got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his film

The Cannes Film festival began on Tuesday, with the world premiere of Jeanne du Barry. The star of that film? Johnny Depp, who looked “fresh” from the hairplug salon. His plugs were the only fresh thing about him – this convicted wife beater looks ugly inside and out. The less said the better.

It’s truly unfortunate that people still cast Depp in anything, and it’s despicable that the Cannes Film Festival not only put Depp’s film in competition, they gave him the opening-night premiere. An audience full of misogynists gave him a standing ovation too. Even his hairplugs wept.

— Variety (@Variety) May 16, 2023

A few more things about Depp – just a few days before his appearance at Cannes, Dior renewed Depp’s contract with the label. Depp has long been the face of Dior’s men’s cologne Sauvage, and now Dior is giving him something like $20 million for three more years. That money will go straight up his nose or in his scalp.

Meanwhile, Brie Larson is on the Cannes jury, and she (alone) was asked specifically about Depp. Like, I think it was fair to ask her the question, but I don’t blame her for giving a non-answer. I also think every Cannes jury member should have been asked about Depp. Let’s hear where everyone stands.

— Variety (@Variety) May 16, 2023

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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