Josh Gad Boards Disaster Thriller Movie ‘Moonfall’

Josh Gad has signed on to star in Moonfall, from director Roland Emmerich.

THR reports that the 39-year-old Frozen actor will star as KC Houseman in the pic, who is described as “odd and unkempt in a way that suggests a high level of intelligence and an equally high level of disorganization.”

The description continues that KC is “a genius who correctly predicts that the moon has fallen out of its orbit, thus making the space-obsessed, profoundly unfiltered and eccentric man one of the most important people on Earth.”

Here’s Moonfall‘s summary: “When the moon is knocked from its orbit by a mysterious force and is on a collision course with Earth, life as we know it hangs in the balance and with just weeks to go before impact, a ragtag team is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to land on the lunar surface and save humanity.”

During quarantine, Josh recently reunited the cast of The Goonies.

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