Joy Behar Reignites Feud With Tucker Carlson On The View

The 25th season of “The View” is well underway and the “Hot Topics” on the September 8th episode were sizzling!

Joy Behar had a lot to say after guest host Mia Love said it was a “slippery slope” for doctors saying they won’t treat the unvaccinated. Behar then went after Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “This is a decision that somebody makes based off false information,” Behar said. “Go to Tucker Carlson and make your case. He’s telling you lies. He and other people on Fox and on some parts of Facebook are telling you lies about the vaccine.” Behar didn’t stop there, adding, “Someone has chosen to listen to the lies on Fox and on other places.”

Comments from the clip did not put Behar in the best light. One particularly harsh critic noted, “Uhh… #science says there are personal choices that lead to cancer and stents in heart disease, @JoyVBehar So who is lying? And looking at your full cheeks, you need to pay more attention to your own health than to others, just saying!”

It’s clear Behar has started a conversation among viewers, but this isn’t the first time she came after Carlson. Keep reading for more details.

Joy Behar and Tucker Carlson are not the best of friends

One might refer to “The View” co-host Joy Behar and Fox News host Tucker Carlson as sparring partners — these two do not see eye to eye on a lot of topics.

In February, Carlson faced backlash for his statement about the insurrection at the Capitol, claiming (per the Daily Beast) that “there’s no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened.” Although Sunny Hostin said she was “disgusted” by Carlson’s words, Behar took it a step — of several — further. “Tucker Carlson needs to be, you know, tied up and put in the corner somewhere so we never hear from him again,” she said at the time.

However, Behar seemed to regret her remarks and changed her tune later in the show. “Can I just say one thing? I do not mean to imply that anything bad should happen to Tucker Carlson,” she said. “I just want him to stop saying stupid things,” she added. “That’s all. So let me just get that straight. I don’t want to be perceived as someone who is violent in any way. I’m not.”

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