Justin Timberlake, Ant Clemons Team Up On ‘Better Days’

R&B singer Ant Clemons has teamed up with popstar Justin Timberlake on a brand-new song, “Better Days.”

The song premiered during “Rock the Runoff Virtual Concert,” a fundraiser concert that was hosted by Stacey Abrams in an effort to raise funds for Fair Fight, a national voting rights organization rooted in Georgia.

The effort aimed to aid voter-mobilization in the state of Georgia during their runoff Senate elections.

“‘Cause we’re on our way to better/Better’s ahead, better’s ahead/It get’s worse ‘fore it gets better,” the duo belts out in the chorus of the song.

The video was filmed in what appears to be a dimly-lit sound stage and premiered during the event, which was broadcast on Thursday, December 3.

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