Kanye West Filed a Trademark for Yeezy Beauty, Skincare, and Fragrance

Seems like Kanye West is looking to expand his brand and get into the beauty business—much like his wife Kim Kardashian and his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner. According to TMZ, Kanye recently filed a Yeezy trademark that covers a ton of beauty, skincare, and fragrance products—including “makeup, false eyelashes, facial masks, nail polish, moisturizers, bath gels, body oils, shaving cream, hair care products and perfumes,” as well as deodorant, toothpaste, and even *checks notes* scented pine cones.

Before you get too excited at the thought of owning a pile of decorative Yeezy-branded scented pine cones, keep in mind that designers / companies / brands often file blanket trademarks that cover a million items just in case they choose to manufacture them. So, while a Yeezy beauty line seems pretty likely, I’m thinking Kanye isn’t about to slap his name on a bunch of pine cones. Or maybe he is! Who knows, honestly!

Either way, TMZ notes that this isn’t the first time Kanye’s filed beauty trademark docs. In 2017, he reportedly secured the rights to DONDA brand cosmetics (named for his late mom), but has yet to take the venture further.

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