Katy Perry opens up on losing grandmother and cat while pregnant amid Covid-19

Katy Perry has opened up about the rollercoaster year she has had, which saw her lose her beloved grandmother shortly after finding out she was pregnant with her first child. 

The singer, 35, revealed how she coped with so much upheaval in such a short time, telling Australia’s The Morning Show:’I lost my grandmother, I lost my cat and I have a child coming and a record coming.

‘I locked myself in the car and cried several times in this eleven week period. 

‘It’s an emotionally intense time and on top of it, obviously, we’re all, as a world, experiencing and going through something together which is weird.’

Katy’s grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, died in March shortly after Katy had announced she was expecting her first child. 

She revealed that she had told her grandmother about her pregnancy the last time she spoke to her before she died aged 99. 

Katy added: ‘’The other thing I made a note of was the circle of life. In my immediate family, it is the first time we’ve dealt with a loss. 

‘And she was 99, and I got to say goodbye and tell her that I was with child before I came to Australia, actually. 

‘I knew there was a chance while I was here she would pass on. But I don’t believe that anyone ever leaves us. I think her soul is still around and I feel it very much so.’ 

Katy’s cat, Kitty Purry, which she had had for 15 years after it climbed through her then-boyfriend’s window pregnant with a litter of kittens, also died in April. 

The Never Worn White star is expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom, 43, in the summer and is also preparing to release her next album on 14 August.

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