Kayleigh McEnany insists the vaccines coming out this year are ‘the Trump vaccine’

I’ve spent too much time over the past week thinking about the coronavirus vaccines and when they will be widely available. I 100% agree with the reality that he first rounds will be going to health care workers and people who live and work in nursing homes and assisted living. Those people are definitely the priority. But after that? Will my local Walgreens or CVS have vaccines available on a first-come, first-serve basis? Or will you have to register for a vaccine and they’ll tell you what your vaccination date is?

My point is that there’s so much to organize and I trust the Biden-Harris administration to do that. President-elect Biden knows that the bulk of mass vaccinations will fall on his watch, and he’s been surrounding himself with the country’s top doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists and virologists. But… Donald Trump’s diaper butt is still thrashing around the White House for another 48 days. Trump wants credit for everything having to do with the vaccine, but he doesn’t want the responsibility of pulling together a mass vaccination schedule, nor is he interested in working with the incoming administration on this issue. But sure, according to Kayleigh McEnany, we’re all getting “the Trump vaccine.”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 2, 2020

So, this is another thing which worries me. If they keep insisting on it and, let’s say, millions of vaccines go out by the end of December (it won’t be 40 million, but I bet a few million get made by the end of the year), what if Trump demands that HIS name be put on the vaccine? What if THAT becomes the sticking point, especially with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines? It’s very much like when Trump held up the stimulus checks earlier this year because he wanted his bigly name on them. And there will be people – probably on both sides of the aisle – telling Biden to “just give him this, just let it be called the Trump vaccine.” Meanwhile, I bet Pfizer and Moderna both badly want to just label their vaccines with the company logos. Will people actually avoid getting vaccines if Trump puts his name on that sh-t?

Also: Trump is apparently really mad about the UK being the first Western nation to approve a vaccine for distribution. He’s badgering the FDA about what’s taking them so long to approve Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines. He doesn’t really care that much about helping people, he just wants “credit” for literally doing nothing to bring about a vaccine.

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— Julie Walker (@JulieandTommy) December 2, 2020

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