Kelly Osbourne's Family Never Did Drugs Together But She Did Learn 'How to Be a Drug Addict' From Them

The Osbourne family isn’t exactly known for good decisions when it comes to controlled substances.

The patriarch of the clan, Ozzy Osbourne, is unfortunately well known for his problems with drugs and alcohol. The Osbourne children, Jack and Kelly, have also struggled with addiction. Sharon Osbourne, the matriarch, hasn’t had any public addiction struggles yet, but that may be because she’s too busy keeping the family safe and together to develop a habit of her own. According to Kelly Osbourne, although the whole family has similar struggles, they never did drugs together. 

Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t even remember his first marriage 

Sharon Osbourne is famous for being Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, but she’s actually his second spouse. Ozzy Osbourne was married before he met Sharon, and he has two children from that union. Unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne claims he doesn’t really remember his marriage at all. It eventually fell apart because of his substance issues. 

Ozzy Osbourne didn’t get sober after his first marriage fell apart. If anything, his substance issues got worse. According to Kelly Osbourne, who spoke to Dax Shepard on his podcast Armchair Expert, Ozzy Osbourne never really tried to get sober. Some addicts, including Kelly herself, go through periods of sobriety and then relapse. But Ozzy Osbourne didn’t try and manage his addiction until around seven years ago. Once he decided to quit, that was it. According to Kelly Osbourne, “My dad was never in and out. He was out until he was in. He was out until however many years ago it was now that he was in.”

Kelly Osbourne says her dad Ozzy Osbourne said the worst thing ever while she was detoxing 

Kelly Osbourne does think that dealing with his children’s addictions is one of the things that made Ozzy Osbourne want to get sober. Although he was using himself at the same time as Kelly and Jack, he didn’t want that life for his children. Ozzy Osbourne tried to help his kids get sober, although he wasn’t always as helpful as he thought he was being. 

According to Kelly Osbourne, she detoxed at home before rehab during her first attempt to get sober. Ozzy Osbourne had some inkling that something must be causing his daughter pain, and he wanted to fix it for her. According to Kelly, Ozzy told her “‘Is this ’cause you’re fat because if it is, I’ll get you a personal trainer. I love you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god. Dad.’ Half of me inside wanted to f*cking die and the other half of me was laughing because I was like, ‘This is the last thing I need to hear ever. I can’t believe this is happening.’ But it was just so — because my dad was just trying to help me, which is the worst thing he could’ve said. “

The Osbourne family never did drugs together on purpose 

Ozzy Osbourne may have been a bad role model for his kids, but he never did drugs with his kids. According to Kelly Osbourne, the family never got high together, even though they were all addicted at the same time.  “No. No, like you’ll see these families on Instagram and they’re all smoking weed together. Like that never happened in my house. I will say that I learned a lot how to be a drug addict. Like tricks … It was not a family activity. I would steal his drugs.”

So although Kelly Osbourne would get drugs from her dad, and learned to be an addict from her dad, she never actually did drugs with him. At least not on purpose. Although the family never got high together, they were high at the same time together, by coincidence. 

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