Kendall Long Compares Being on 'The Bachelor' to Being in a Cult

Remember back in the days of yore when “taxidermy enthusiast” Kendall Long competed on Arie’s season of The Bachelor? How could one forget! Nowadays Kendall is living her best life (her Instagram = iconic), and recently opened up about her experience on the show—saying it was similar to a cult.

Speaking to podcast Sounds Like a Cult, Kendall said “The first part that makes me think The Bachelor feels like a cult, at least for all the people who are participating in it, is that the main Bachelor or Bachelorette is like the cult leader and then everybody envisions themselves with this one person and you almost forget that other men exist, at least when I was on it. I think that can bring about a lot of love, but you almost put that person on a pedestal [even though] they’re just like any other guy. A cult is also one of those things where you can’t leave, and if you do leave, you’re not part of the group anymore or you’re ostracized in some sense. There’s no contact with the outside world when you’re filming The Bachelor at all.”

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She went onto explain some of the positive cultish aspects of The Bachelor, saying “I liked being disconnected from the outside world. I liked having my phone taken away. Like when it came to paradise, I was like, please take my phone. I don’t want to even think about having to do all that. And some people would sneak in phones, different forms of technology. They have to inspect your bags for that. But I liked being detached from the outside world. “

And while there were some positive aspects of talking about relationships / the future non stop, Kendall said “the most negative aspect is I think learning to be in a relationship outside of the cultish area of The Bachelor. I had a bunch of anxiety coming off the show. It’s difficult, you know, because you’re used to falling in love in this world. And for me, it worked, I fell in love when I was on Bachelor. And then when you come out of it and if that relationship doesn’t work, now you have to figure out how to date outside of that setting, which is a learning curve. I find a lot of guys are ashamed of watching the show or they don’t want to admit that they’ve seen you make out and cry on TV.”

Wait, cannot believe I am only realizing now that I am a member of a cult called Bachelor Nation.

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