Kenya Moore Claims ‘So Many Of Us Knew’ About NeNe Leakes’ Alleged Extramarital Relationship

Kenya Moore is telling it like it is… and she doesn’t care whether NeNe Leakes likes it one bit!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are at odds right now after stories surfaced earlier this week that Leakes and high-profile veterinarian Rodney White have been together “for a while now” despite Leakes’ marriage to longtime husband Gregg. And now, Kenya is calling the whole thing out! Drama, drama, drama…

ICYMI, earlier this week, Leakes was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the government official. White, who works in an executive role at the US Department of Agriculture among his duties in the world of veterinary medicine, has reportedly been a “family friend” of the Leakes’ for years now, but lately, something else has allegedly come about.

Several days ago, a source told Page Six about how Leakes and White began spending considerably more time together back in 2017 — and it blossomed into something from there:

“People close to him have said that it’s all about the lifestyle. If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t give her the time of day … because he didn’t before when she was a nobody. He knew her before she became the NeNe Leakes that she is today and before the multiple surgeries to change her looks.”


Well, as the fallout from that rumbled over the last few days, 49-year-old Moore was holding her cards close to the vest, ready to make a move. Speaking about the alleged affair with Us Weekly, she stated it wasn’t a very well-kept secret among RHOA stars and those around them (below):

“So many of us knew that she was out with this man constantly being affectionate, and we knew what she was doing on the side. For me it’s like if you’re so comfortable being out in public with someone and kissing them and being just inappropriate — you’re a married woman — so for me, there was nothing that she could tell me about a marriage, because your own behavior with your own husband is not something that I would want to emulate at any point in time during my marriage.”

Yikes! Not exactly a resounding show of support from the ever-controversial Kenya, is it?!

Moore went a step further than that, too, giving her reasons why she believes insider assistance to NeNe is what’s kept the affair storyline far off the air for the hit Bravo show.

Kenya added:

“I think the people that know are her friends or her confidantes or her partners in crime and I don’t think that they just wanted to be the one to out them. But so many of them, including Housewives from other franchises, are aware of this man, of Rodney White. I’m just not sure if they just didn’t want to be the one to break the news on TV about it, but we certainly have had a lot of conversations about her and this man. They’ve been seeing each other for a very long time.”


Of course, NeNe’s reps weren’t about to let Kenya’s controversial words go unchallenged, either. A spokesperson for the 52-year-old Leakes ripped into her fellow Real Housewives co-star, questioning her certainty about the existence of the affair itself:

“It’s quite disturbing that especially during this time of so much pain that once again we have to deal with a disgruntled housewife trying to capitalize on NeNe’s name and personal life for the sake of publicity. Kenya stated herself that she and Nene have not been on speaking terms for almost two years now, so it makes no sense for her to speak with such familiarity about Nene’s personal life. And to drag her decades-long marriage, family and relationship through the mud on a consistent basis to insinuate anything about my client’s character is sad, confusing, and a despicable PR tactic that we have no interest in contributing to. We encourage Kenya to focus on her own marriage and we wish her well.”

Well then! Talk about a strongly worded response!!!

What do U make of this controversy, Perezcious readers?! NeNe hasn’t publicly addressed anything with the national veterinary stockpile director, so is it all much ado about nothing? Or is it that when there’s smoke, there’s fire??

Sound OFF with your take on the whole thing down in the comments (below)…

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