Khia on Trina’s Controversial Protester Comments: ‘We Don’t Want to Hear Your Apology’

This arrives after Trina’s cousin and ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ co-star Bobby Lytes threw some nasty, serious accusations at Khia and her family members in a recent Instagram video.

AceShowbiz -Leave it to Khia when it comes to criticizing Trina. The former recently took aim at the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star following the TV star’s controversial comments on Black Lives Matter movement protesters whom she called “animals” for looting Miami.

“Keep everybody off the streets, these animals off the streets, that are running around in Miami-Dade county acting like they’ve escaped from a zoo,” Trina previously said. Following the backlash, Trina issued several apologies in which she revealed that the murder of George Floyd reminded her of the death of Arthur McDuffie.

“I remember when Arthur McDuffie was killed by police, and the riots that gripped Overtown and Miami as a whole. I was just a kid, living with my family, and it stayed with me. It’s just as real now as it was forty years ago,” she said in the statement. “From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize fro any grief I have caused. I live my life on the values of respect and regard for all people, and I will continue to do so. None of us are perfect, but thank God, we have the ability to reflect, dissect, and begin anew.”

The apology, however, didn’t work on Khia who later slammed Trina in a recent Instagram video. “Word on the curb, [Trick Daddy] still can’t control his s**t dog, so she needs to be put to sleep,” Khia slammed Trina in her signature court-themed clip. “We the people don’t want to hear your apology. Gag order. We have dug up your priors and you are a habitual offender, so you are canceled for that reason alone.”

“You are being charged with being a dumb b***h, over talking s**t, and trying to apologize for it, belly-flopping just like your career,” Khia continued. “Meaning every word you said then lying and trying to take it back. Reading a poorly written apology, being arrogant, delusional, a triffling, skeeted up prostitute with a low IQ thinking everybody is beneath you.”

This arrives after Trina’s cousin and “LHH: Miami” co-star Bobby Lytes threw some nasty, serious accusations at Khia and her family members. In a video that he uploaded on Instagram on Friday, June 5, Bobby dressed as if he was a judge in a fake trial for Khia. He then mocked Khia for her alleged “rough upbringing as her mommy was an infamous prostitute” and claimed that “poor Khia was a subject to” sexual acts when she was a child.

Later in the video, Bobby said that the father of her daughter was actually not Billy Finch, but his brother instead. Bobby went on claiming that the man was a “well-known rapist and child molester. He’s very known for raping his nieces and young girls.” Additionally, Bobby threw another nasty allegation, saying that Khia’s baby father raped her at the age of 12 and impregnated their own child.

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