Khloe Kardashians family thinks Tristan Thompson tried to trap her with a baby

The second season of Hulu’s The Kardashians premiered this week, and the first episode was apparently about Khloe Kardashian welcoming her second child via surrogacy. I’m going off of reporting and summaries of the episode – I’m not watching this show. There was footage from the birth, and Khloe invited Tristan Thompson to come to the hospital after the birth to meet his latest son. Tristan has two other sons – Prince Oliver (with Jordan Craig) and Theo (with Maralee Nichols). We still don’t know the name of Khloe and Tristan’s son and she didn’t reveal anything on the show other than it’s probably a T-name. So Tristan has four children by three women now. Maralee Nichols was pregnant – and about to give birth to Theo – when Khloe and Tristan arranged for the transfer/embryo implantation. That was also discussed in depth on the show:

Now Season 2 of The Kardashians has returned to our screens, we’ve learned all of the details of the surrogacy journey and paternity scandal — including that Tristan was actively pressuring Khloé to go ahead with their baby plans while knowing full well that Maralee was pregnant. During the episode, Khloé revealed that Tristan had found out that Maralee was pregnant on July 2 2021 — a whole four months before their surrogate underwent an embryo transfer around Thanksgiving on Nov. 25.

But just days after the embryo transfer took place, Khloé was hit with the news on Dec. 3 that Tristan was having another child. And Khloé went on to admit that Tristan had actually been “encouraging” her to go ahead with their surrogacy plans and the embryo transfer “by a certain date” — presumably because he knew when his other baby was due to be born.

“All I know is I was being encouraged to do it by a certain date,” Khloé explained during one confessional. “In hindsight, he always knew when the other baby was being born — especially getting the paperwork that we saw, he found out July 2, so he did know.”

And in another telling scene from the show, Kris, Kendall, Kim, and Kylie gathered to discuss the situation, with Kris and Kendall in agreement that Tristan had deliberately talked Khloé in to going ahead with having a second baby in order to “trap” her. During the meeting, Kylie said, “I just don’t like the fact that Tristan knew that this was happening.” Kendall replied, “That’s what’s wild. Like, you were encouraging Khloé to go forward with this while you knew that this was also happening? It’s almost like he wanted to trap her.” Kris Jenner agreed: “Well, he wanted to hang onto her for sure, and thought that maybe if they did that she would marry him.”

To make matters worse, despite there being much speculation that Tristan and Khloé had split for good over the summer of 2021, she made it clear in the episode that they were actually very much still together — and she’d intended to raise their family with “mom and dad” in the “same home.”

“I thought this was a real, healthy, loving, protective relationship,” Khloé said through tears during her confessional.

Khloé went on to explain that she was terrified of the news of their second baby being made public, because of the vitriol she faces online — including being called an “idiot” and a “dumb bitch” — each time Tristan is caught out.

She was also keen to highlight that she had no idea that Maralee was pregnant when she decided to go ahead with the embryo transfer. “We did an embryo transfer days before Thanksgiving,” she said. “I found out about Tristan’s situation the first week of December, and it’s just so close, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I did this after the fact.”

“Why would I have a baby with someone that’s having a baby with someone else?” she added. “I’m not that much of a sociopath. I’m a lunatic but not, like, that deranged.”

[From Buzzfeed]

Deep sigh… but SHE IS DUMB AS HELL Yes, Tristan is the problem, he’s absolutely a compulsive cheater, liar and psycho, but Tristan wasn’t trying to “trap” her dumb ass. Khloe had already taken him back fully when he was cheating on her constantly and SHE KNEW THAT. Of all the dumbass narratives the Kardashians try to spoon-feed the public, one of the stupidest has always been “Khloe is so naive, she’s always surprised when Tristan cheats on her constantly for years!” He cheated on her constantly during her first pregnancy, he cheated on her constantly when they got back together, and please remember, she made a big deal about how she dumped Tristan again in June 2021 when he cheated on her and didn’t hide it. Then her dumb ass got back together with him last summer, denied getting back with him all summer and fall of 2021, then went ahead with the embryo transfer in November, then suddenly she was shocked all over again a week later? Baby girl, he wasn’t trying to trap your stupid ass.

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