Killed Instagram Cat: Ponzu's Owner Sets Up GoFundMe For Forthcoming Legal Battle Against Attackers!

The internet world was beyond shocked to hear about the horrific death of Instagram pet favorite Ponzu Cool Cat earlier this month, and now, people are ready to do something about it.

As we reported Wednesday evening, the beloved 3-year-old cat was tragically killed during an incredibly disturbing altercation with a young boy and the rest of his extended family at a New York City park earlier this month.

Now, Ponzu’s grieving owner, Chanan Aksornnan, is determined to get justice for Ponzu and avenge her own brutal assault and that of her fiancé at the hands of the violent family.

Thursday afternoon, on Ponzu’s Instagram page, Aksornnan announced that one of the suspects in the vicious attack had been arrested earlier Thursday morning — a direct result of the public outcry on social media regarding the cat’s horrible death and the vicious attack that followed.

Chanan wrote about the news (below), and how it affects the family that’s left, including dog Tofu, cat Kimchi, and parrot Mango:

“Thank you so much for your enormous outpouring of sympathy, love, and support from all around the globe. We are very, very humbled and grateful. What happened to Ponzu, Tofu, Mango, and to us was wrong and unconscionable. The news has taken over the social media now and is outside of our control. The awareness you created by sheer size of the public outcry has yielded results: one of the suspects got arrested yesterday.”

Wow! Social media really can be used for good sometimes!

The family also shared big news with followers: a GoFundMe account had officially been set up to sustain them through the inevitable legal journey that will follow. Of course, that will include wrangling a lawyer and going through the system to seek justice for their murdered cat and respective wounds, both emotional and physical.

Aksornnan explained that too, writing:

“But this is just a beginning of a long, arduous, and expensive legal journey. We need to respect the process. And we need a proper legal representation for our case against our attackers and to help push for changes to the current laws and help increase pet owner’s rights. We have the gofundme site where you can donate to our cause. Many of you have already donated and we are extremely grateful. You have our promise that these funds will be used for the good cause.”


Here’s the full post (below):

A post shared by Ponzucoolcat (@ponzucoolcat)

A movement!

BTW, you can donate to the GoFundMe fundraiser by clicking HERE. As of Thursday mid-afternoon, the page had already raised more than $19,000 of the family’s original $50,000 goal.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are U going to help seek justice for Ponzu?

We sincerely hope that people who commit violent, senseless acts against people AND animals are held accountable for their s**tty behavior. Let justice be served!

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