Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted on Instagram: Your Boobs Won’t Distract Us From Your Racism!

Last week, we reported on Kim Kardashian’s net worth.

And as you may have guessed, Kim is really, really, really rich.

She’s not as loaded as, say, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner.

And she’s not quite as well off as her husband, Kanye West, who was recently granted billionaire status by Forbes.

But an argument could be made that neither Kylie nor Kanye would be quite so popular/successful/insanely wealthy were it not for their association with Kim.

And on top of lifting others up, Mrs. Kardashian-West has carved out a nice life for herself with a net worth estimated at $350 million.

One of Kim’s most successful business ventures these days is the shapewear line Skims.

Kim designs many of the products herself, and she also models the latest designs on her Instagram page.

And this week, those two pursuits combined in a way that many of Kim’s followers found off-putting.

The modeling itself was greeted by the usual enthusiastic chorus of eager customers and horny dudes.

“I shot this myself on photo booth,” Kim captioned the collage above.

“Coming soon: @SKIMS Summer Mesh — a collection of easy and effortless pieces made for warm weather.”

But this time around, the roll-out was slightly different in that Kim decided to introduce a timely new product — facemasks.

And in doing so, she offended a large segment of her audience.

“Shop @SKIMS Face Masks in 5 shades of Nudes at http://SKIMS.COM,” Kim tweeted.

Some followers were offended by the fact that Kim is selling masks, rather than simply giving them away.

(“While others are making and donating masks, Kim Kardashian is trying to make a profit from it. Shame,” wrote one fan.)

Many others, however, objected to Kim’s choice of color and description.

“The nude shade for the Black model is inaccurate, offensive, and culturally out of touch,” one follower replied.

“Kim, we are brown not black,” another added.

The feeling among many fans — or former fans, as the case may be — is that due to the glitz, glamour, and A-list partial nudity associated with her brand, Kim gets away with far more than other companies.

She’s been accused of believing that she’s so famous she shouldn’t be held to the same standard as other entrepreneurs — and she might soon learn just how wrong she is in that regard.

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