Kylie Jenner Could Have Possibly Had a Successful Acting Career: She Has 'Huge Potential,' Expert Says

Kylie Jenner is known for being one of the most famous reality stars in the world. After being introduced on her family’s hit reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2007, Jenner went on to become a big name in pop culture.

While it seems like Jenner was always destined to be a tv personality, it turns out that she once considered going down another career path.

Kylie Jenner’s most known for her reality show and makeup line

Jenner first rose to fame on Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the age of 10. Though she was initially known as the boisterous younger sister of the famed Kardashians, Jenner eventually came into her own and soon created her successful beauty brand.

In 2015, the reality star launched her now-iconic “Kylie Lip Kits” after gaining popularity for her over-lined lips. Shortly after, she unveiled Kylie Cosmetics and began selling eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow products, highlighters, concealers, and much more. 

In 2019, Jenner expanded her company by introducing a line of skincare products, known as Kylie Skin.

While she is most known for KUWTK and her beauty company, Jenner’s is also a social media maven who is one of the most-followed people on Instagram. Time magazine even listed Jenner as well one of the most influential teens in the world for three years in a row, citing her considerable influence among youth on social media.

Kylie Jenner considered becoming a Hollywood actress

Although being a reality television personality and makeup guru has paid off in recent years, it turns out that Jenner once considered a career more fitting for her talents.

In 2015, the Life of Kylie star revealed that she was interested in acting, just like older sister Kim Kardashian West.

In a post shared to her website, Jenner updated her fans about what she’d been up to and said that she and mom Kris Jenner had been discussing “a movie script,” according to Daily Mail.

After sharing her interest in launching an acting career, Augie Lasseter, the owner of the Front Management agency, told HollywoodLife that Jenner’s someone who has what it takes to become a successful movie actor.

“Kylie has huge potential, largely because she already has star power,” he told the outlet.

Though Jenner’s proven she has the acting chops thanks to her infamous Snapchat soap operas, Lasseter believed that her influence in pop culture would have helped her land her first role in a feature film.

“These days, any young actress is expected to build their social media following and Kylie comes with that already,” Lasseter said. “[Kylie’s] gorgeous — the camera loves her. The big thing to see though is: can she act? Whether Kylie can or can’t act we still have to see, but I’d say out of the gate a lot of producers are going to be interested in hiring Kylie because of the sheer number of fans she has.”

Though Jenner has yet to take over Hollywood as an actor, it sounds like she’ll have no problem becoming a star if she actually does take up acting. But even if a film career doesn’t work out for her, at least she’ll have Kylie Cosmetics and KUWTK to fall back on.

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