Kylie Jenner shares adorable video of daughter Stormi patiently waiting for chocolate in challenge

Kylie Jenner has melted the hearts of millions as she shared the cutest video of her daughter Stormi Webster taking part in a viral video challenge.

The 22 year old makeup mogul shared the adorable clip with her 175million Instagram followers on her page, where she tests her daughter's patience by placing a bowl of treats in front of her and walking away while secretly filming her.

Mum-of-one Kylie’s clip shows her two year old daughter sitting on her large light-grey sofa in her stylish £30million mansion, which she reportedly moved into last month.

Storm is excitedly fidgeting on the sofa, which has a footstool placed in front of it as her mum explains she will put some chocolates in front of her and tells her not to eat them until she gets back from the toilet, in a new viral video challenge.

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As Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie places a a see-through glass bowl filled with sugar-coated chocolates in front of her daughter, she explains: “I’m gonna put the chocolates here, OK?”

Stormi then replies with: “OK,” before smacking her lips with desire for the sweets.

Kylie then taps her little girl on the shoulder and instructs her: “You can only have three of them, I’m gonna give you three of them.”

The tot then lunges forward towards the bowl of treats but her mum takes her by the arm and says: “Wait, you have to wait until mummy comes back, OK? I have to go to the bathroom.”

Stormi sweetly looks up at her mum with her hands on her knees while she signals to her mum that she understands with a little: “OK”.

Kylie then clarifies as she tells the toddler: “So, let me got to the bathroom and then you can have it, OK?”

The little girl then breaks into an thrilled dance as she wiggles her body from side to side while sitting on lavish the sofa as she says: “OK.”

“You gonna wait for mummy,” Kylie asks before Stormi insists with a: “Yeah.”

And Kylie, who was reportedly making £1million per Instagram posts before lockdown, repeats: “OK wait for me and you can have three, OK?”

Continuing to look up to her mum, Stormi says: “OK,” before it becomes clear Kylie has walked out of the room from behind the camera.

Kylie’s voice can be heard echoing from afar: “OK wait for me!” Meanwhile, Stormi patiently sits on the sofa and says: “OK”.

The little girl then gives off a little smile and pokes her tongue out before looking up over the camera and appearing to watch a TV, which is playing quietly behind the camera.

Stormi is clutching her white nightdress, which has cartoon women printed on, while she sits patiently and waits for her billionaire mother to return.

Appearing to be momentarily tempted, Stormi looks to her left as she reaches toward the bowl of treats before remembering Kylie’s instructions and pulling her arms back in.

Then, temptation gets the better of the sweet two year old as she lunges forward and places her hands on the footstool either side of the bowl she then says: “Oh,” and mutters to herself before sitting back on the chair and telling herself: “Patience, patience,” over and over again while she fidgets.

As her mum returns, and says: “OK,” little Stormi lets out a scream and jumps up from the sofa with excitement and bounces around before reaching towards the bowl to pick a sweet.

Mum Kylie asks: “Did you wait?” To which Stormi giggles and says: “Yeah,” while she is huddled around the bowl and looking up at her mum.

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Kylie then reaches into the bowl to pick up the treats and tells Stormi: “OK you can have three,” while Stormi claims her reward.

Proud mum Kylie then posted the clip on her Instagram page and wrote in the caption: “omg my BABYYY. i had to take part in this challenge.” [sic]

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