Kylie Jenner Steals Christmas, Launches Grinch Inspired Beauty Line

Last week, Kylie Jenner took a break from her usual thirst traps to cosplay as The Grinch … but sexily.

Now, it all finally makes sense.

We have to talk about Kylie’s take on Grinch chic before we delve into the explanation of what she’s offering.

Her shoulder pads and general outfit, just in terms of cut and style, make her seem like a 1997 sorceress determined to destroy and/or bone a sword-wielding fantasy hero.

The color looks like a particularly sparkly type of moss.

While Kylie could easily have spun all of this as Oscar The Grouch couture, it is not.

She’s serving up Grinch realness with a splash of style and a lot of sex appeal that we don’t normally associate with the Grinch.

And her fashion has a purpose to it beyond exciting her fans — she is launching a surprising new collab.

“Kylie X The Grinch” sounds like the title of an outrageous piece of erotic fanfiction.

But it is actually a teaser for Kylie Cosmetics’ holiday collection.

The makeup mogul is using the beloved Dr. Seuss character (yes, beloved) to get her loyal customers in the holiday spirit.

Though some blogs have reported that the product line is anticipated in December, Kylie says otherwise.

Her social media teases that Kylie X The Grinch will become available on November 19.

That makes sense. Many people want makeup now. Others want to get their shopping done before Thanksgiving.

This is Kylie’s fifth holiday collection. She is, and we cannot emphasize this enough, 23.

The collection includes some new shimmer eye glazes, creatively named Stealing Christmas and Lil Grinch.

Meanwhile, lipstick shades include A Wonderful Awful Idea, Of the Noise, I Hate Christmas, Mean One, Mr. Grinch, and Who Needs Presents.

First, we should explain that The Grinch is not public domain.

He is a creation of Dr. Seuss, whose estate must give permission for his likeness to be used — be in in animation, live action films, or a makeup collection.

The Grinch is not always associated with beauty, so we have to say that this sounds like an exciting opportunity for the Dr. Seuss estate to delve into new territory.

The story of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is beloved by many people in part due to the story’s versatility.

Christmas lovers can celebrate the story of a “villain” being redeemed as well as a blow against a perceived fixation on the material trappings of the holiday.

Those who think that Christmas dominates our otherwise diverse society to a toxic degree can just enjoy the Grinch’s mischief.

Though the Grinch is inextricably linked to Christmas, he is an enduring cultural symbol on his own.

Live action and animated versions of him have entertained generations of children — and adults, for that matter.

Like a decade ago, Taylor Momsen was a majorly hot topic. Most people first saw her in Jim Carrey’s The Grinch movie, even if Christine Baranski totally stole the show.

Ultimately, it is no surprise that Kylie is going this route.

Despite being an older property, selling legit beauty products based upon the Grinch comes across as fresh and creative.

This (in addition to luck, social media savviness, and an inordinant volume of wealth and privilege that also hinge upon luck) is why Kylie is a mogul.

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