Lady Gaga Shares a Picture of the Massive Bouquet Michael Polansky Sent Her for Her 35th Birthday

Lady Gaga has everything she needs in life.

The singer celebrated her 35th birthday on Sunday and took to Instagram to share a picture of the huge birthday bouquet her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, sent her for the occasion. And “bouquet” almost doesn’t do this truly massive collection of flowers justice. Take a look for yourself:

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“When your bf sends you all the flowers in Rome for your birthday,” the singer and actress captioned the picture of herself hugging the basket containing the huge floral arrangement. “I love you honey 💕 I can’t wait to be home with you and our dogs, that’s all I need.”

The singer has been open about her affection for her boyfriend of more than a year. Even though most of their relationship has been during the coronavirus pandemic and, therefore, tragically few photos of them together in public exist, Polansky did accompany Gaga to President Joe Biden’s inauguration earlier this year, where they were photographed engaging in some sweet PDA.

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Gaga and Polansky can’t celebrate her big day in person this year as she’s currently in Rome filming the Ridley Scott biopic House of Gucci alongside costar Adam Driver. And, yes, the pictures of Gaga and Driver on the set of the movie have been predictably stunning so far:

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This isn’t the first time recently that Gaga has received a larger-than-life floral arrangement in celebration. Earlier this month, the singer shared a picture of flowers her manager, Bobby Campbell, sent her to commemorate her 12th Grammy.

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“Flowers from @wanaynay thank you Bobby for not only being my manager but my family,” she captioned the photo. “You sent me flowers to my room the day after our 12th Grammy win, on the set of Ridley Scott’s movie ‘House of Gucci.’ I’m eternally grateful to you for your love, talent, determination and forever friendship ❤️. Art perpetuates beauty. Beauty is a symptom of the force that is nature. You are a force of nature, I love you. 🎬🚨🧨🎼…”

We cosign on all of the above sentiments and are sending Gaga nothing but good vibes on her birthday.

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