Lala Kent Reveals Scary Pregnancy Complications

Apparently, Lala Kent went through a MAJOR pregnancy scare months back!!

In a since deleted Instagram post from February 26, the Vanderpump Rules star spoke about her pregnancy — which she announced back in September 2020. In particular, she mentioned complications she faced early on — and, ugh, is it heartbreaking, y’all!

In the post, the 31-year-old said:

“At six weeks, I started bleeding. I went to the emergency room, already knowing what they could tell me. They took me into a room for an ultrasound and I laid there quietly. … For the first time, I heard the pitter patter of my baby’s heartbeat. ‘Your baby is still there.’”

Thank goodness the baby was okay! Can y’all imagine though? That sounds scary AF!! Usually whenever we’ve heard pregnancy stories like that, it results in something far worse. So, we’re so glad the bleeding wasn’t anything too serious.

The future mother, who will share her baby with Randall Emmett, continued on by expressing more of what she went through during this time. She wrote:

“For the next three weeks, I would continue to randomly bleed and each time, I would call my OB and be beside myself. Although bleeding during pregnancy isn’t normal, it is common. My bleeding was the result of a clot. I was put on bed rest until it was gone.”

Ugh. We can’t even right now.

She continued with:

“The next appointment, there was growth — not much, but some. After a few weeks, my doctors concluded that this was a placenta problem, not a kid problem. Although we never want any problem, this was a relief.”

Good! We are SO happy that this story ended in a positive way. We’re feeling the relief right along with her!!

She finished by expressing:

“I am going to appointments two days a week. They continue to monitor her heartbeat and her growth. When they notice her growth start to slow is when they will make the call to take her out. This could be anywhere from 35 to 37 weeks. In one to three weeks, I could be delivering my angel and all I keep praying for is she comes out healthy. That is all I think about every day, all day.”

AWWWW! You guys, we’re tearing up right now.

Fortunately for Lala, her baby is expected any day now. Between her baby and her memoir (which hits bookstores on May 4), we’re anxiously waiting for more from such an inspiring reality TV star! And we’re glad that darkness and scare is behind her!

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