Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline Team Up to Destroy Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiance!

90 Day Fiance viewers already know that Colt Johnson lied to Jess Caroline again and again and again.

In this sneak peek of what’s to come, Jess meets up with Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

When life gives you both the same terrible ex, you make that the foundation of a beautiful new friendship!

In this sneak peek clip of Happily Ever After? we see Larissa and Jess do just that as they sit down.

“I think Colt used me,” Jess confesses as the clip begins.

“Why?” Larissa asks curiously.

Jess explains that she wonders if Colt was simply trying to make Larissa jealous, picking a new Brazilian model.

Larissa observes that it does seem like history was repeating itself with Colt — and Debbie.

Neither of them seem sure of this explanation, but Jess is clearly grasping for answers as she struggles to understand what happened.

Larissa admits that, when she had seen Jess and Colt’s photos (they surfaced on Instagram in 2019), she had thought that it was a genuine, loving relationship.

Colt broke her heart and hurt her feelings, Jess laments to the confessional camera.

“And Colt doesn’t care about me,” she adds sadly.

Jess admits that she now wishes that she had listened to Larissa after Larissa’s call warning her that Colt was a “demon” and Debbie was a “wolf.”

“Colt is a trash man,” Jess expresses to the camera.

Jess is “so sad,” she admits to Larissa, because she had imagined a whole future with Colt.

She wants kids and a happily ever after. Colt had promised to give her all of that … but that isn’t how things worked out.

“That’s what he does,” Larissa says with an air of knowing and regret. “Only promise. Nothing.”

“Nothing,” Jess agrees.

Jess also brings up how Larissa had tried to warn her that Colt “had a lot of girls” during their marriage.

As we here at THG reported at the time, Colt was caught in 2018 exchanging nudes and sexual messages with various Instagram sidepieces while married to Larissa.

Apparently, Colt was telling these women that their marriage was “fake” so that they wouldn’t think that he was cheating.

Well, Jess tells Larissa that 8 girls sent her messages on social media with screenshots of Colt messaging them, claiming to be “single.”

On a break or not, if Colt were really trying to make it work with Jess, he would not have been messaging so many women — we don’t know how many there were, only that 8 of them warned Jess.

Larissa speculates that he wants to “be a pimp.”

Jess discusses how he would send his dick pics to these women left and right. Truly, no one narrates this as entertainingly as Jess.

Jess walking Larissa through that had us in stitches.

The two go on, ridiculing their shared ex.

At this point, the two ladies — both having had sex with Colt — imply that perhaps he is ill-equipped to make a good impression with these pics.

Now, we don’t endorse body-shaming for any reason.

As more and more people are understanding, making fun of someone for their figure or dong size is similarly cruel to people who share those traits but are good people.

Whether it’s a politician or a reality star, surely their awful personality is a much better target for ridicule.

That said, we are glad that Larissa and Jess get a chance to bond with each other.

Colt put Larissa through hell. Jess got out much sooner — she wasn’t married to him, for example — but he still humiliated her and wasted her time with lies.

But we still haven’t seen the full story of that breakup play out. We’re looking forward to it!

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