LAX Employee Calls Kendall Jenner ‘Arrogant’, Blasts Nicki Minaj for Her Diva-Like Antic

Cindy is on TikTok where she rates every celebrity she met while working at LAX and names the 24-year-old model as well as the ‘Starships’ raptress among the rudest stars.

AceShowbiz – A former airline employee has spilled the rudest celebrities she ever met. Cindy, a former customer service representative for a few major airlines, is on TikTok where she dishes on her encounters with famous stars.

While Cindy is quite generous to most stars, her experiences meeting Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj apparently didn’t leave her with the best memories. The 22-year-old gives both stars a rating 2 out of 10 because of their diva antics.

Cindy calls the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star arrogant in one clip. “She was not really friendly to anybody and just walked around like really arrogant,” she claims.

As for the pregnant hip-hop star, Cindy remembers the artist’s action that turned her from a fan to an anti. “I know some people are going to come for me for this one, but 2/10,” she says of the rapper. ‘She was a huge b***h and wouldn’t get off the aircraft until everybody else got off, which she can’t do because the flight attendants need to get off.”

“She was a b***h to my co-worker,” she adds. “I was a fan before I met her. After…yeah, no.”

Dakota Johnson doesn’t get a perfect score either, but that’s only because of her silly mistake. Cindy says she gives the “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress 9/10 because “she forgot her passport all the way in LA in the middle of traffic hours, so we had to delay the flight, and she still didn’t make it back.” She appreciates the star’s sense of humor, though, adding, “But I made fun of her the last time she flew out. She laughed and was super polite.”

Cindy gives Chris Evans 8/10, but admits she’s still a fan of him. “I still can’t believe this one. I’ve been in love with him since I was literally like eight years old,” she explains. “He was flying out with his then-girlfriend Jenny Slate. He didn’t really talk to anybody. He was low-key, not trying to be seen or anything.”

She says she told him to have a nice flight, and “he didn’t say anything back. He just kind of smiled.” She adds, “But still would marry him, so yeah.”

As for another “The Avengers” star, Chris Hemsworth, Cindy has nothing but good words. “He was always really polite to everybody,” she recalls. “He was even on a first-name basis with some of the staff. And literally so handsome in person.”

Cindy also gives Noah Centineo, Robert Pattinson and Orlando Bloom a perfect score of 10 each. “He came up to me to ask for directions to baggage claim and where to find his escort,” she says of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” star. “I actually had a video of him and I deleted it a while back for really stupid reasons. Let’s just say if I was single when we had met, it would have gone down a different way.”

Cindy remembers Robert being “nice” and asking her how her day was. “I told him to have a nice flight. He told me, ‘Thank you,’ and gave me a wink.’ Thirteen-year-old me almost passed out on the floor,” she enthuses.

As for Orlando, Cindy can’t help being smitten with the actor’s pet dog. “His dog was fricken adorable, and he was hilarious,” she says. “He actually had my co-worker holding his dog because he had to run to do something, and then as he was boarding the aircraft, he said hi to everybody, which is something most celebrities never do.”

But perhaps the highest score goes to “Criminal Minds” star Matthew Gray Gubler. As an airline employee, Cindy wasn’t allowed to take photos with any of the celebrities she met, “but I was on my ‘lunch time,’ ” so she claims. “He was just f***ing amazing. Just f***ing wonderful,” she recalls their encounter, rating him a 20/10. “We look like we’re friends. Literally my favorite celebrity that I’ve met.”

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