Liam Payne Says Jesy Nelson ‘Zayn’d Out’ of Little Mix

One Direction‘s Liam Payne is reacting to Little Mix‘s Jesy Nelson leaving the girl group.

“Someone Zayn‘d out,” Liam said when he was talking about the news, referring to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

He then continued, “No, no. Let’s be serious about this. It’s always sad at this moment in time when bands get into that sort of thing. Having been there myself, I felt that Zayn left for pretty much the same reason in a weird way.”

Jesy revealed the reason why she was leaving in a statement that shocked fans. You can read what Zayn said in 2015 when he left the group right here.

“I wish Jesy all the best. I wish the girls all the best for carrying on as a three,” Liam continued. “It’s a tough time and I do feel for them because everyone is watching in that little fishbowl at the moment and no one really understands what’s going on or how it feels for some people.”

In an odd connection, Zayn used to be engaged to another member of Little Mix.

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