Lily-Rose Depp Didnt Think She Would Get The Idol Role, Reveals Pop Stars She Thought About While Playing Jocelyn

Lily-Rose Depp is opening up about her upcoming TV series The Idol.

The 23-year-old actress will be starring alongside The Weeknd in the new show, which premieres in just a few weeks.

In a new interview, Lily-Rose shared why she didn’t think she was going to book the role, and who she was looking to for inspiration with her character.

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On her audition process, Lily-Rose told W Magazine, “I never thought I would get the part. I knew there would be many lovely ladies who are more musical than me, but I thought, I’ll give it a go. I wanted to wear pop-star colors, and I wanted to channel a certain L.A. feeling. I grew up in L.A., and I’m an L.A. girl, and so is Jocelyn. I wanted to capture the style mix of mischief and shine.”

On the pop stars that she looked to for inspiration, she added, “Of course I’m a Britney [Spears] fan! Who doesn’t love Britney? But I was also thinking about Beyoncé, Mariah [Carey], and every huge pop star of our time. I wanted Jocelyn to be the kind of woman who can dominate a room, someone who doesn’t ever shy away from their sparkle.”

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