Linda Lusardi: ‘Terrifies me’ Loose Women star admits travelling fears after coronavirus

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Former model Linda Lusardi, 61, who was hospitalised with coronavirus alongside her husband Samuel Kane, has spoken out about how she is “terrified” to travel again. The Loose Women star told how she is “getting there” while recovering from COVID-19.

It terrifies me.

Linda Lusardi

While Linda opened up about her time in hospital with the virus, the star confessed how she can’t see herself boarding an aeroplane any time soon.

Speaking to, Linda divulged: “I mean, what will anyone do anything after this?

“It terrifies me to the thought of getting on an aeroplane.”

The ITV star continued: “I think we will be living in quite a different world after this.

“It becomes like a big event to go to the supermarket, I’ve only been once.”

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